Broker Chain Trade


Have you guys heard about a company called Brokers Chain Trade?

They offer investment plans (high profits) and also forex signals from their telegram channel. I'm not sure if they are scammers but almost 100%! If someone heard about this company, please let me know your thoughts.

They offer the following investment plans:

INVEST $1000 GET $15,000
INVEST $2000 GET $30,000
INVEST $3000 GET $45,000
INVEST $4000 GET $60,000
INVEST $5000 GET $75,000
INVEST $10,000 GET $150,000
INVEST $20,000 GET $300,000
INVEST $50,000 GET $800,000


As I know nobody can promise guaranteed results but maybe they don't do only forex. I'm kind of lost because I started using their forex signal copier service and it's working well.

Attached, you can find some proof of payment that they usually post on their telegram channel as well as investment plans.



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Let's do a little math. Assume that rolling over the money takes a day, so you can only run your cash through the magic money machine once per week.

So, you can allegedly make $14000 profit on a $1000 investment in one week for a total balance of $15,000 at the end of week 1. That's nice, but you can't retire yet. Let's keep going. The math is simple. Just multiply each week's starting balance by 15 to see your rapidly growing wealth.
Week 2 - $225,000
Week 3 - $3,375,000 - you're now a millionaire
Week 4 - $50,625,000
Week 5 - $739,375,000
Week 6 - $11,390,625,000 - you're now a billionaire
Week 7 - $170,859,375,000 - you and Jeff Bezos can now argue about who is richer
Week 8 - $2,562,890,625,000 - you are the world's first trillionaire

Let it ride another month or two and you can buy EVERYTHING on Earth.

So, congratulations. Someone is offering to make you the owner of the world if you'll only trust them with your cash.

The website shows some other investment plans, but the math on any one of them would let a person own the world in a very short time. The domain was created on December 31, 2020. If they started off with only $1, they would already own the world now, so why do they need your money?

Too bad it's all a pipe dream. Those OK signals are most likely borrowed from some other service. The profits will never happen. What you are looking at is a classic HYIP. Chances are that you won't be able to extract a single dollar of your investment, much less any of the claimed profits.

You can learn more about how HYIPS work here:

Ponzi Schemes and HYIPS - Free Money Traps

Take your cash and run away from anything like this.