Broker criteria



I know that there have been MANY posts asking what is the best broker... I know there is no such thing as the best broker! I just need some suggestions of ones that fit my criteria:
- accepts US customers (I have gone through the list of Broker reviews and it is very annoying to find a good looking one, only to find out after several minutes on the broker website that they do NOT accept US customers)
- Supports MT4 platform on Mac or iPad (so many require a download of MT4, but only support PC downloads)
- offers at least 200:1 ratio
- Has some type of regulation
- Would prefer a US broker, but that is not critical
- Has acceptable spreads/commissions (I don't need the "come on" deals like 0-1 pip spread, but expect standard charge)
- Good fit for swing trading (end-of-day orders)

Does anyone have suggestions?


I think you should tighten up the part about regulation. Some regulators really regulate and allow clients to file disputes. Other "regulators" do very little when complaints come in. Cysec is a major example of this. They will occasionally fine a broker or kick a broker out, but they don't order brokers to pay money owed to traders. Clients who are ripped off by a Cysec regulated broker should still complaint to Cysec, since that could possibly cost the brokers some money, but should not count on the same level of assistance as from a US or UK regulator.