Broker Rebates


Hello all,

I have a weakness as I love to get things back and get value for money, so I like to trade for rebates.

I don't want to go through IBs or affiliates because the brokers can give more if they give you directly. Since EU regulators dont allow eu brokers to give rebates, bonuses or any incentive anymore, I am looking for other brokers with good rebates.

I use HFT EA thats profitable overall, and does good volume so I need true ECN trading, no stupid restrictions like most DDs offer (market distances, volume restrictions etc) and needs to be good conditions raw interbank spreads and low as possible commissions.

Another EA just tries to breakeven but as it does good volume, it can make money like that so can work on 3 pip spread at max.

I am looking at a couple of brokers. If you have any ideas, please share.


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there are loads of good options out there you just need to find what suits your needs. also you can get rebate through 3rd party groups to help