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Broker Scam

Discussion in 'Scam Alerts' started by Tayo Adebayo, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. Tayo Adebayo

    Tayo Adebayo Recruit

    Jan 22, 2010
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    My message to my broker (Fxpro) as in bold red below:

    Requote is what you are fond of. I closed a trade at a profit giving me $73, but it increased and till i got a loss and it still kept giving me requote for gains, but never gave me a requote for losses, this is very bad. Its a game of win to win. I can report you to the regulatory body because its not the first time i'm making this complaint. Dont try to mess up my trade. Im sure i've made myself clear. World bodies are there to give justice.



    My message to FPA on my inbox address as below in red bold below:

    Dear FPA,

    I will like you to investigate this scam with Fxpro. I believed its an act of witchunting by the way of requoting. Details are as below:

    Order: 12040382
    Time: 2010:10:21 00:04
    Type: Buy
    Size: 0.20
    Symbol: EURUSD
    Price: 1.39715
    My Account number with Fxpro: 134064
    Account Name: Adebayo Adetokunbo

    Now, to the best of my knowledge, my account takes me to $73 with profit and capital, but i got requotes till i lost money and till i was able to close at $28.78 from about $64. Already today, i lost $582 to them which i did not complain about.

    I will like FPA to investigate and give me justice why my last loss was not a scam.

    Grateful for your kind assistance.


    Adebayo Adetokunbo

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