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To all the traders from Brokers Star, withdraws are being processed. I believe it was not Brokers Stars fault for the disruption in trading. The liquidators were the ones to blame and it was unfortunate that Brokers Star had to default,

I would like to close this forum and remove Brokers Star from the SCAM listing as i think its adjust with these circumstances.

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I have account with too.
My account disabled too.
I have almost 1000$ with them and already requested for 3 withdrawals and 2 of them has been deducted from my account but never touched my bank account.
They are not answering the emails.
Send an email to every address you can find for them. Invite them to join this thread and explain what is going on.
Hi Support

I sent an email to every address and also to the owner of Brokers Star. I also have their skype which they are failing to reply back. Im annoyed and very disappointed in the actions of these people. brokers star is regulated with Bulgarian National Bank. I also sent them a message and have not received a reply. I did call BNB today and they said they will call back. Still waiting. Im lodging a traders court case against Brokers Star. Can you advise

me too

: just an update i already sent them an email to every adress available in there website and also their FB page. still waiting