฿ Bitcoin BTC/USD Daily Video, August 19, 2021


Special Consultant to the FPA
Thanks Sive Good Update.

On the monthly we have stop grabber buy in play.


On the weekly market showed good reaction from XOP + F5 + Tdst support + TD Sequential buy signal around 30k. (Massive cluster zone ). We have strong dynamic pressure on the weekly trend change.


On the daily, confluence around 41k and TDST support at 40k stand as good levels to long the market for the next leg up. Weekly and monthly traders will be looking to fade the daily sell at good support.


Note: It will be smart to long altcoins instead of bitcoin when bitcoin find good supports. My end of year target for bitcoin is around 88k which is 2x from current prices. But alts can do easy 5-6x from here when bitcoin reaches 88k.
I know a person from this forum who invested in altcoins that ı shared in my thread and become a millionere in less than a year by holding these coins.