฿ Bitcoin BTC/USD Daily Video, June 24, 2021


Private, 1st Class
Hi - I personally accumulate from 30k level with 1yr target of 60k - the previous highs. I think the risk is indeed the US interest rates rising in 2022, though there is no evidence on how immune or not immune is BTC to the central bank policy. Seems more immune than gold since the lack of regulations... The more whales and politics in the BTC, the more it can take the traditional currency/forex market behavior charachteristics (at least this is how I understand Sive's long term analysis) - meaning the more popular it gets with large financial institutions, the more downward preassure on it will be by the hawkish monetary policy. Still - additional point is that the digitalization in inevitable, so at least some testing of the previous highs may occur in the forseeable future:)