฿ Bitcoin BTC/USD Daily Video, May 02, 2022

Brett Reynolds

Sergeant Major
Bitcoin needs a 'Monthly close above $50K for me to be interested in buying more Crypto. But with everything going on and the charts..it really does look like we are heading back towards the $25-$20K area..!!?
..Now that's a good time to 'Buy'..! Right.!? :cool:

soul rebel

As long term bitcoin bull's all dips are buying opportunities. Makes me wonder with everything going on in the world if we will see the $20k level again....I hope so....but I wouldn't be surprised if a new bull trend is triggered before we reach those lows. Let's remember bitcoin is trailblazing in uncharted territory so I believe we have to account for that in price action, in the sense that everything we accept about traditional markets may not apply to bitcoin in the same way.

Sive Morten

Special Consultant to the FPA
Well, IMO it stands in the similar conditions as gold market. The core of problems for the BTC stands in its treatment as "stock" in the mind of investors. It is crucial to break this link before stocks collapse. Otherwise, it might be back to the lows below first 20K top...