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FPA Members,
As a suppliment to my Review of Jan 11, 2013, I will be updating this Discussion Board with occasional ongoing performance reports.
My results are experienced from afar via Mark's Trade Copier Signal Service.
I do believe individual accounts will likely most efficiently and easily experience Mark's Services through his newly established PAMM Account Service.
Be it known, that I have not yet personally vetted his PAMM account brokers, and therefore can not as yet speak to that aspect of his service offerings.
Please do your own due diligence in this regard relative to your country and it's affiliations with regulatory authorities in the brokers' countries.
Caveat Emptor.
Notwithstanding the importance of this feature, during this first 8 month period of my Demo Test I manually limited maximum position size to 30 standard lots on a 500K account (~ = 0.1 lot on a $1500 account) but made no other altreration to the default settings.
As a result of growth in the account, I have today raised that limit to 50 standard lots (~ = 0.5 lot on a $10000 account).
The results I report here were achieved during testing on a dedicated, but intentionally sub-typical consumer PC system: an Intel Dual-core Processor, WinXP SP3, operating on a LAN hooked to the internet via a competent cable connection with Backup AC Power Supplies for all components in the chain.
Typical Ping is 10ms, Download 30Mbps, Upload 5 Mbps, near NY, USA.
Attached is the Detailed Statement of my Demo Account results in a .zip file format (acceptable to the FPA).
My congratulations to Mark Shawzin and his Group for his "Dedication to Purpose" and his "Persistence in the Face of a Very Challenging Year 2012".
Mark has developed a solid trading strategy that is most effective during trending markets, and has a solid commitment to it.
His job amounts to merely identifying the best potential candidates for it at any given time, then patiently waiting for the market to force him into a position.
He then insists on staying with those newly identified trends on a longer than typical timeframe.
During non-trending periods his discipline requires his abstinence, with judicious fouriers using only reduced position size.
This driving philosophy makes his method virtually immune to the variegations of brokers' spread, and to most any news induced market noise.
Such a cogent trading model requires great discipline, firm belief, and an unshakeable trust; characteristics typically devoid in retail traders and often elluded even by experienced professionals.
This year I plan to continue my Demo Test, plus add a Live Real Money Test Account as already agreed upon with Mark (once performance proves acceptable during the month of January, 2013).
I do suggest and recommend FPA readers seiously consider Mark's services for a portion of their speculative portfolio.
In time, his work may also be contributing to my quest for a safer forex fund for all.
Anthony Ingrassia, CTA
NFA ID#: 0278164


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