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Problem Business Choice Partners Group, bcpgltd, www.bcpmarkets.com is a SCAM!

I am having an issue with a company


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Tinder in Hungary is full again with Chinese girls. I believe they started the catfishing for new clients. I reported all girls on tinder like a scam. Soon vow group and business choice partner group will start the activity under a New company name...
full again with Chinese girl. I
Hi guys, please register to tinder and report the girls as scam. And please check your talks carefully on WhatsApp. It may you will notice some small details. If you think you can send me the WhatsApp report and I will check it. I am already on the way to find the real girl who posted the original photos on the web... And it seems I already know the name of the girl who is talking to me... I have just collected a new phone number from Tinder from one of the girls above... Hopefully I will know the new name of the agency. At least we can help for other people to avoid being victim. Please do the same. We must collect as much information as possible.
Hi Leppin here is one for the list. I think to the same person.


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私はビジネスチョイスパートナーグループに招待され、海南省三亜に住んでいる女性(ウェディングドレスの所有者)と投資取引を行いました。取引はMetaTrader 5を使用します。
LINEアプリを使って女性と会話し、女性の言う取引タイミングで売買し、XAU×USDファンドが増えました。引き出しリクエストの夜、ERO x USDトランザクションですべての資金が一瞬で消えました。価格操作のためにチャートは偽物です。
私は$ 52,000を失いました。中国の女性に特に注意を払います。


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