Busted in the Baltics!


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Sometimes, seeing all the complaints about scammers hiding their operations around the world gets depressing. But there is always the hope that if enough people provide enough information to regulators and the police, justice might show up on the doorstep of a pack of scammers.

This time the hopes and dreams of victims came true. Justice didn't knock. You have to see this for yourself. There are videos. :)

But let's first see the report from Europol...

Latvia and Lithuania detain 108 over multi-million euro call centre scam

With the support of Europol and Eurojust, the Latvian State Police (Valsts policija) and the Lithuanian Police (Lietuvos Policija) have detained over 100 people in Riga and Vilnius on suspicion of being involved in an international call centre scam.

On 24 and 25 March hundreds of officers, including special intervention teams, raided a total of three call centres belonging to the same organised crime group. Its members are accused of defrauding victims across the world.

Under their orders, an army of up to 200 fake ‘traders’, speaking English, Russian, Polish and Hindi, would call unsuspecting victims to persuade them to part with their savings, promising lucrative investment opportunities. However, the investments in bitcoin, commodities and foreign currencies were all fake.

According to preliminary calculations, the suspects arrested are believed to have turned an illegal profit of over EUR 3 million per month with this scam.

The coordinated strike against them resulted in:

  • 80 people detained in Latvia and 28 detained in Lithuania;
  • Seizure of cash, bank accounts and luxury vehicles;
  • EUR 95 000 in cryptocurrencies seized.

Europol’s European Financial and Economic Crime Centre supported the investigation from the onset by bringing together the national investigators from Latvia and Lithuania to establish a joint strategy and to organise the intensive exchange of evidence needed to prepare for final phase of the investigation. Europol experts from both its European Financial and Economic Crime Centre and European Cybercrime Centre were deployed to Latvia and Lithuania to assist the national authorities with the action days.

Eurojust supported by setting up a joint investigation team (JIT) into the case within one week and organising a rapid coordination meeting. Further assistance was given with the execution of a European Investigation Order during the action day.

Source: https://www.europol.europa.eu/media-press/newsroom/news/latvia-and-lithuania-detain-108-over-multi-million-euro-call-centre-scam

Remember what I said about justice not knocking. Justice broke down the doors and captured the scammers at gunpoint!

First video (no sound)

Second video

Third video

If the 3rd video doesn't load properly, you can see it at facebook.com/watch/?v=666304971298921

Been scammed? The best thing to do is to share all the details with the regulators and police. Then warn other people by using the FPA's Scam Alerts folder and leave a review. Scammers want you to believe the police won't do anything. These scammers found out what happens when enough victims share details with the police.

Johan Olwage

Private, 1st Class
Wonderful to hear and see. Hopefully the police will gain enough intelligence from this operation to also hit other similar operations elsewhere in the world. Thank you.
It is about time that such action is taken and displayed to the ignorant victims the world over and that such actions be intensified and also extended to ROGUE BROKERS.
Traders around the world started out wanting to learn and make money to supplement income or to live from money that they make by trading and these crooks see it as a niche market for themselves to defraud innocent vulnerable people.
Thank you FPA for the sterling work that you do to keep us informed.
GOD bless you.


Brigadier General
Cops shoving guns in the faces of scammers. I could watch this over and over again for hours. :D

Let me reinforce one of AsstMod's points:

Fraud investigators don't have time to go out and randomly hunt for frauds. Instead, they rely on victims to alert them to the problem and to provide enough clues to allow a real investigation to be started.

Anyone who posts "I won't report this. Police and regulators never do anything." in a Scam Alerts thread is actively helping the scammers continue to scam more people. The honest version of this statement is "Since reporting this might not get my money back, I'm going to give up. I'm even going to personally do the scammers a big favor by discouraging others from reporting. I already got scammed, so I don't care if my family, friends, or coworkers also get scammed."

The more people who report scams and the more details they give in their reports, the better chance we all have to enjoy seeing more scammers getting dragged away and thrown into prison. The faster scammers are caught, the better the chances are of recovering more money from them.


Private, 1st Class
Fantastic news! This will lead to more arrests. Hopefully rid them of their greed & deception.


Just saw the headlines, Busted in the Baltics, better still, Busted in the Balls. Great to catch these people
while in the act. All that needs to be done now is to take out .utin.