Busted in the Baltics!


Brigadier General
Does anyone know what scams they were 'selling'

The press release said:

"promising lucrative investment opportunities. However, the investments in bitcoin, commodities and foreign currencies were all fake. "

My best guess is that they probably had at least a few dozen disposable websites. These could have been fake brokers and/or various HYIP-type scams.

I'm really hoping more details emerge.


Master Sergeant
Well done to the authorities who crack down on these vermin .
Mostly older people that fall for these which makes it all the more glorious watching these


Private, 1st Class
It's a shame that there are so many people who don't want to work honestly.
I mean the criminal bosses who organize such scams. It's a shame...
And you know what? It seems to me that most of the people who were arrested at the call center are not to blame.
I mean, they didn't know it wasn't real.
I think it could be.
As for the victims... I feel sorry for those people. I think a lot of people lost more than $10,000. That's BIG MONEY!
Shame on them.
Alas, financial scams can be found all over the world right now!
Let's hope it doesn't happen to anyone else.
And the criminals will be in jail!