stay away from!!! Save money!!!
I bought these product (Forex signals) for $110 per month. As it turned out this is not buy or sell signals, this is just levels that you can use for "sell or buy - it is up to you!". Just absurd and makes no sense. I know that I can either sell or buy. The most important - is to know when to buy and when to sell. Levels I can calculate byself without paying $ 110 per month. So I tried this product for only one day and I do not happy! I already found the quality singnals for just $ 10 dollars a month, and they bring me a profit! So I used their product for only one day, and how they website said, I want to get my money back! When Im asked about money - they ignore all my messages! They answered at once only when I sent a complaint to the PayPal Resolution Center, and refused to return my money back! Now the PayPal is conducting an investigation again this scam! Be smart!!! Check this


Indeed this is a scam and it is related also to these sites:
gallant capital

The names he is using

Peter Valentinov
Alexander Wiguna Wessels
Dimas Hadiatmodjo
Dima Grigoriev
J. Morrisen
Umer Shekh

If you see any of these names, don't do business with them (him). This guy is so sick in his head, he plays many roles.
They will try and get your log in for your account and just drain it empty for fun. The only thing they get is the monthly subscription fee, but you can loose much more if you do managed accounts with him.