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Can I post ads in the Forex Peace Army forums?

Discussion in 'Forex Peace Army FAQ and Knowledge Base' started by AsstModerator, Nov 5, 2015.

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    Dec 11, 2007
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    Can I post ads in the Forex Peace Army forums?

    The Forex Peace Army permits ads and other commercial postings, but only in the proper areas. With a few special exceptions, all of these are inside the Commerce Zone section of the forums.


    Company representatives may post Press Releases in the Press Releases folder and Company Articles in the Company Articles folder. These folders are moderated to prevent IBs and other affiliates from trying to post on behalf of companies. Please note that only full press releases and articles may be posted. Teasers with a link to the full item will not be approved in any folder.

    Anyone may start a thread in the proper folder of the FPA’s Classified Ads. Please note that hijacking the threads of other affiliates or IBs is considered to be a breach of forums etiquette. Also be aware that any attempt to sell illegal copies or illegal items is strictly against forums rules.

    Each review page has a link to a dedicated forums discussion thread. Company representatives are welcome to answer questions as well as to post any relevant information from the company in the thread dedicated to the company in that thread. Promotional material for a company is welcome in that thread.

    If you aren’t sure your post is going into the right place, you can do one of three things.

    1. Check any notes under the folder title and spend some time checking the other posts in the same folder. This will give you a good idea of what is acceptable.

    2. Use the form below to ask.

    3. Post anyway and hope you don’t meet the cat who guards the Forex Peace Army forums. Spam Cat doesn't give warnings.

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