Can the Forex Peace Army recommend a forex broker, product, or service for me?

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Can the Forex Peace Army recommend a forex broker, product, or service for me?

The Forex Peace Army does not recommend or endorse forex brokers, forex products, or forex services.

There are two reason for this. The first is that not every product or broker will meet everyone’s needs. Pharaoh wrote a couple of great articles that should help you find things that are best for you. You can read those here…

How to Select a Forex Broker

How to Avoid Getting Scammed When Buying Forex Products

The second reason is that good companies can go bad. There have been cases of trading rooms going from dozens of 5 star reviews to dozens of 1 star reviews. Profitable signals services do the same. Some EAs that did well for a long time failed when market conditions changed. Well rated brokerages have gone out of business with little or no warning, taking client money with them when they did.

You need to always be on guard against getting scammed or losing money, even by products and companies that you’ve dealt with for years.

No one who answers the email at Forex Peace Army HQ is ever going to recommend a broker or a forex product for you. You need to do your own research and be ready to switch brokers or products if one stops working as expected. You can also discuss the companies inside the FPA forums. The FPA is a great resource for research, but you have to do some work and make your own decisions.

If you are interested in finding the best forex broker for your trading needs, more information is available by CLICKING HERE.

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