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Can the FPA give me a call?

The advertising department generally does all communications by email.

For forums and reviews questions, the answer is No. The only exception to this rule is inquiries by regulators and law enforcement officers. Every now and then, one of them contacts the FPA seeking information about a company and the clients having trouble with that company. On several occasions, a phone call was requested and I was happy to make the call or share my number so I could be called.

There are reasons why any discussions about companies, forums posts, and reviews needs to be in writing. This policy dates back to one of the very first FPA Scam investigations. The person complaining changed his story to try to work around facts provided by the company. If the issue was handled by phone, it would have been very easy to attribute the discrepancy to a misheard or misremembered conversation. Instead, by having it in writing, it was very plain that the person complaining was lying. That person was banned from the FPA.

Some people who've been scammed want to talk to the FPA about it. Any action the FPA takes will be based on information and evidence provided in writing. Telling the FPA about it on the phone won't help. Instead, CLICK HERE to learn the first steps needed to complain about an issue.

Quite a few companies have implied how a situation can be resolved in a "mutually beneficial" way, but only if I would call the company or give them a number to call me. I don't take bribes, so I always decline. I've had similar emails that were closer to threats than to bribes.

Some company representatives seem to think that they can talk their way out of anything. If dozens of emails on a subject failed to get complaints removed, they think that tying me up on the phone for hours might work. Because of this and the other reasons above, all communication regarding material in the forums and reviews is handled exclusively by email.

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