Cannot withdraw from AUU Global Limited


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Same problem. I scam also that broker
Last night i try to withdraw my money in that broker but i change my mine because i think it is save . But today i got some email and they said my account was successfully close. Im shocked because i did not request to close my account and i have money there. I try to contact the costumer service in this # +14065181710 but until now they did not seen my message, also the girl they invite me to join in that broker and 1 guy they sent also a signal during we trade i did not contac.
If you are having a serious problem with a company, you should open your own thread in Scam Alerts and give details.

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I mean we are both in trouble. I tried to withdraw money from my account at Auu global limited but I changed my mind. then the next day I received an email from them that my account was successfully closed, I was surprised because I did not say that they would close it because I had $ 1448.35 in it. I sent a message to their customer service but no one answered my message, even the Chinese woman who enticed me to join there did not respond to my message. here is the costumer service number +14065181710

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View attachment 61335and this also my account in AUU Global limited
Keep them on the hook by saying you will do whatever is needed to withdraw money. The minute you confront them they will block you and run. Start to document everything....screen shots of chats, account details, etc. and save for your records. In parallel start to file complaints with the Securities Commission in your country and the country where they claim to be doing business.

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One last thing to note in this spiderweb, the MagKing Limited business registration for Colorado shows its Directors/Officers as Company Made Agents Ltd. Below are some details for Company Made Agents Ltd.

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Magking is a registered company in HK and is connected to AAU. Below is the information for MagKing HK.