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Problem Capital One Forex and Samir Beool, Why Don't You Pay Your Clients?

I am having an issue with a company


FPA Forums and Reviews Admin
Capital One Forex and Samir Beool
Why Don't You Pay Your Clients?

The list of problems with CapitalOneForex is long. The primary problem is failing to pay traders all money owed in a timely fashion, if at all. If this was the only issue, the FPA Scam Finding would have been published as soon as the latest round of Traders Court Guilty verdicts. Instead, unethical actions from the owner date back to before the founding of Capital One Forex and continue to happen.

Reviews lave been left from Samir Beool's offices praising himself and companies he's associated with. Other reviews from the same location have attacked competitors. Later, his own wife left a review for Capital One Forex as if she were just another client.

This isn't the end of the unethical issues associated with Capital One Forex. Jason Beool posted private information about several clients inside the FPA forums. One client on the list had a dispute with CapitalOneForex.com. The rest of them weren't involved.

In October-December of 2013, there were a very large number of obviously fake and very suspicious reviews submitted. These match patterns previously seen when companies try to hire freelancers to submit fake reviews.

Most recently, there have been several reviewers who reported getting partial payments, followed by demands to leave a 5 star review stating that all issues were resolved. These traders were told that if they didn't submit the review, they wouldn't get paid. Out of 3 cases where I was in contact with the traders, one was finally paid in full, one got no more money, and one got the rest of his initial deposit, but lost his profits. I consider demanding a review falsely saying that an issue is resolved as a condition for payment to be nothing but blackmail.

CapitalOneForex.com currently shows a fake version of the FPA ratings widget on the bottom of its homepage. The real widget would show the current rating and would link to the FPA review page. Capital One Forex stole a 5 star image from another company's review page and has it link to an anti-FPA hate page inside its own website. That page is full of reused libel taken from a similar page on the scam-rated broker InstaForex.

If Samir Beool and his employees at CapitalOneForex.com spent half as much time worrying about taking care of clients as they do about the impact of the FPA's ratings and reviews, an FPA Scam Finding would not have happened. Instead, Capital One Forex is keeping money that belongs to clients, blackmailing clients, and trying to spread libel to hide the truth.

Capital One Forex was regulated in New Zealand. Then the NZ FSCL threw them out. No lies Samir Beool tells about the FPA can cover up that fact.

CapitalOneForex.com needs to settle all issues with the 6 traders who got FPA Traders Court Guilty Verdicts and anyone else who is having trouble getting withdrawals processed.. The company also needs to make some big adjustments to their business model to ensure traders always have access to their money. All employees of Capital One Forex, including the Samir Beool and his family, need to be trained in basic ethics. They need to be able to understand why pretending to be clients in reviews to promote themselves and attack others is wrong They need to understand that keeping money legitimately owed to traders is stealing. Samir Beool himself needs to learn that having lies posted on his website won't change the fact that real clients are having real problems making withdrawals. Until all of this is done, the FPA has no choice but to declare Capital One Forex to be a Scam and Samir Beool to be a Scammer.

The FPA recommends against depositing any funds with Capital One Forex. If you have an account with CapitalOneForex, the FPA recommends you try to withdraw you funds as quickly as possible. If you have a problem getting your money out, please leave a review, start a thread here in the Scam Alerts folder for advice, and report your issue to regulators and the police.

FPA Scam Finding Against CapitalOneForex.com and Samir Beool

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FPA Review Page for CapitalOneForex.com
Thank AsstMod For Explaining This Broker Case And Bad Statement About Forex Peace Army Forum .. :)
Stealing money from clients, stealing a 5 star rating widget, blackmailing clients to force them to lie, posting reviews attacking competitors.

Wow! How many different ways can Capital One find to scam?
wow finally.

I was so tired of this broker and his lies and scams. Scam broker is our business after all but the act of revealing their clients' details was very low.

Stay away of this broker!
Stealing money from clients, stealing a 5 star rating widget, blackmailing clients to force them to lie, posting reviews attacking competitors.
Wow! How many different ways can Capital One find to scam?

They Want To Be Best Criminality And Entertainmen Figure i Think ..

wow finally.

I was so tired of this broker and his lies and scams. Scam broker is our business after all but the act of revealing their clients' details was very low.

Stay away of this broker!

im Already Runaway .. :D
the owner of the broker, samir beool, this guy cheat hotforex and fxcc and me ,my friend a lot of moeny before he has his own broker, i cannot believe that after he scam so much money after i come back to china and keep cheating people from all of the world. i have the duty to release his urgly bahavior, pls see thoes 2yeas ago email that i sent him in order to get me and my friend money, but no response up to now, he makes my friend break his marriage because samir beool steal his money,which is used to buy house. he shoul be put in the jail, and his website should be shut down
samir rubbish guy.jpgsamir3.jpgsamir3.jpgSAMIR4-1.jpgsamir4.jpg

All Forex Trader My name is Ghulam Dastgir i have an Account Capitaloneforex my Trading Account Number is 94988 i make a this Account Deposit Through Skrill 250$ after make this Deposit Capitaloneforex give me 150% Deposit Rescue Bonus 375$ this Date 16/04/2014.My total Balance come in my Account 625$ then I'm start Trading and make my Balance 1821.72.wheni send Withdraw Request this time they don't process my Withdraw and every day give me a Date 2 Month gone still not Process my Withdraw.I'm always inform them that if you don't process my Withdraw then i make a Cause against you.Minimum 10 time told them but they don't Understand me.so now I want to give them 1 Star Revise and also open a Cause.I have all Kinds Of Documents.Please FPA Help me to get my Money.

Best Regards
Ghulam Dastgir
Email: gdastgir7@gmail.com Capitalone.JPGCapitalone-2.JPGCapitalone-3.JPG
It is scammers, criminals. Do not withdraw even initial funds. Do not respond to my emails/skype, blocked online chat. Be careful, it is scammers