Capital Trust Markets-Reza Mokhtarian(FRAUD & SCAM)


Private, 1st Class

I am syed, victim of fraud and scam by Capital Trust Markets whose owner Mr.Reza Mokhtarian is now a famous global fraud person, I have been going through many forums where I found about his scams and fraud to people globally in terms of money people invested for trading purpose in Capital Markets through Reza brokerage name Capital Trust Markets, As I wrote above that I am also one of the victim who has been scammed by Reza Mokhtarian for over 100K USD, this money includes me and my investors funds which we deposited for trading purpose in capital markets, Mr.Reza shutdown his brokerage and ran away with our money and now my investors are on my head for their money, I have all the supporting details with me for my trading accounts and the funds deposited, I would do all it takes to get my money back from REZA(Mr. Fraud/Scammer) and I will not sit and let him enjoy my and other people money. I am sure no one of us deposited funds for Reza to enjoy his life and me and other live our rest of life in Pain, I funded trading accounts to trading purpose not to let Reza fullfill his needs, I wrote on previous forums that I will commit suicide as the situation I am facing from my investors is very dangerous for me and my family, Now I am into discussions with people who have been scammed by Reza as they are facing the same issues, and we all are committed to get justice for us and cannot leave Reza to enjoy our money.
Moreover, Reza has done Identity fraud under my name for which I am in coordination to authorities for his cyber crime act.

I am committed to get my money back and as per the law I will do whatever it takes to get my money back.
Also contact your credit card's issuing bank. Ask to speak to the fraud department. Explain how failure to allow you to withdraw money in your account is a failure to provide promised services.

And - file a Traders Court case.