Capital Trust Markets the biggest scam broker


My problem is very easy, I just want to have my money back.
Capital Trust Markets doesn't pay my withdrawal of 4200 USD, I get no answer and no funds back!I have been waiting 2 months now!!

However they worst thing is that this company can do this without problems. They are steal money from a lot of clients, and it is still possible to apply for an account. So the company do it again and again.

I can just advice everybody which has been scammed by this company to make an complaint with the The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.
Go ahead and invite CapitalTrustMarkets to come and join this thread.

How and when did you deposit?
It is 5 months ago and I deposited via Neteller

Get in touch with Neteller and report this to their fraud department. This may not get your money back, but at least might result in CTM having one less method to extract cash from victims.