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Problem CapitalOneForex.com Scam!!!

I am having an issue with a company


Hello to every one

My name is Savelie and I have one account with this company which is 55702.

this is my history of how I was fraud by your company.

1)on 04.02.2014 I deposit 1000$ and I received 85% as bonus.

2) on period between 04.02.2014-06.02.2014 I made 4 trades and made 1834$ profit.,
so on that date on my account were 2834$ my money and + 850$ as bonus.

3) on date 10.02.2014 and 11.02.2014 I opened 2 trades in sell on eurjpy.

4) in the evening of the 13.02.2014 when Enrico closed Adriana Moraru he blocked and my account with opened possitions. I write to Samir but never heard back from others.

so, even that on those days eur/jpy went down and I could close in profit my trades and to have more money into my account I will not consider it and claim from you to send to me 2834$

I attached all proofs and you will understand.

this is the mail that I sent to Makcim and now I post here.


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Please don't file a Traders Court case yet. Capital One has an active scam finding, so isn't currently eligible. They have been fixing some trader issues, so may make themselves eligible again soon.
I don't Understand why? they only solved the problem to those who had case on FPA. and capitaloneforex resolved only this to show to other that they are good company, but in fact they are scammers. Let people know about. I was contacted by Makcim 1 month ago, and he asked my if I have case on forex peace army, and I told no,because I didn't had. and when he heard this he closed the phone call.
So we need to show all the cases not only this small cases with small amounts.
Seems the scammer has not been closed and come back with dozen of new victims... So no way to close this broker?
I am old victim if I can say this:(((

they tried to solved this case on FPA with small amounts and to try to attract new clients and to fraud them.

but when I saw that they solved some cases i put review,too.

now, let see how they had been changed the management!!!