Careful with TKBC broker - scam


TKBC is a scamming broker, in the web can found a great amount of amazing results and comments from happy customers, but their platform never connects, to verify this situation, we've downloaded it again to avoid lost some "upgrade", by the test purpose.
First alert: why the platform is a zip file with all the necessary files? In all brokers you download an installer of the platform, never a zip file.
Second alert: when open the platform, it never connects, or the server doesn't exists.
Third alert: when trying to open an account, their server never responds (because never exists).
Fourth alert: when trying to change the period in any graph, it show anything: because their server doesn't exists, ond obviously because can't get connection for open an account nor login.
Fifth alert: when select the about option: Help > about, not indicate the broker's info, just only info about metaquotes.
all investor that uses a platform knows that in this options must appear the info of the broker.
Everybody have to keep in mind that the broker isn't regulated, the company license expired in 2012 and despit hasn't platform, has successful pamm funds, it's AMAZING!. Like the broker LIMAFOREX, which is proved to have plenty relationship with other suspects brokers that still working and others who no longer exists by allegations of fraud and scam.
It has no platform, when download their zip file, doesn't connect to any server, has no mobile platform when you enter this option just shown a link for a demo account that going to nowhere, they say get access through their platform just for with real accounts, but nobody shows any of these accounts.
These scammers are using these domains:
and maybe another sites
all these site have the same informations, a lazy copy from their first website, because they haven't time to change the contact info nor another esential things.
Grab screenshots of all the homepages and contact links. That way they can't change those later and say the sites are unrelated.
There's the repeated contact info from all these scam sites


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Email them a link to this page and ask them to come and join the discussion.
Find and verify the sources of some of the more useful into (like the company being dissolved) and post that here.