Caught ICmarkets Fake spike price stop out trades


Hi, been trading icmarkets for months, encounter many times that trades got stop out by price spike to stop loss had been set then the price will go back in short period, but this time icmarkets is too greedy until account in negative balance because price surge 1000 pips + and my stop loss had been overwrites, had screenshot and also screenshot on other source price charts which show NO kind of activity of price surge.
At this stage I felt that I got scammed for months and lost plenty of thousand.
I hope someone really can help me to recover my lost and compensate what would be fair.
Attached 3 picture, MT4 is my account price chart, 2 other source is goldprice & forexfactory price chart.



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i got wiped by this spike too and have screenshots from friends on other brokers who didn't see this spike at all. I have contacted them and hope to receive compensation. Have you reached out to them yet?
i got wiped by this spike too and have screenshots from friends on other brokers who didn't see this spike at all. I have contacted them and hope to receive compensation. Have you reached out to them yet?
Have contacted them but they said need 1-3 day for investigation although I sent them images to prove there is no such price move, found another thread have such complaint as well, we need to stand together to fight them!
Hi,I am facing the same issue, I set a sl at break even but end up get wipe out at loss at price around $1500. So far,I don't see any other brokers that have gold price reaching $1500 yesterday .Not only I suffered in loss and my positions could have in profits now if such thing never happened. I am agree we need to stand together
Same here folks, I opened my position around 1495, stop at 1500.80, got a fill at 1499.72. filed a complaint with customer support, don't know if it will help, lost a $10000 profit. anyone in this thread from austrailia? anyone famaliar with AFSL?
Yes, this is shitty scam, another thread from another guy lost 80k$+ and made his account minus 40k$+
Thing is, I've been with ICmarkets from 2016, and never encountered anything like this with them.. all this **** started when they opened new branches in Cyprus and Seychelles
A couple of points to bear in mind :-

1.Trading metals at this point is time is extremely risky. Some brokers have sent out warnings about liquidity issues in the spot metals markets due to extreme shortages of physical gold in the financial markets. The day before yesterday, I was watching gold spreads sitting at $9 which is about 50 x the normal the middle of the day.

2.Clearly there has been a pricing issue with IC Markets and they have stated they need 3 days to investigate. Perhaps you should wait for an outcome before shouting scam. I am pretty sure they will rectify the issue and the spike will also be removed from the chart.
got the following email:

Please note that on 26.03.2020 at 07:23 UTC we experienced an issue with off-market pricing and execution on all Gold symbols.
Kindly note that in accordance with section 3.1(j) of our Account terms “if errors have occurred in the pricing of Transactions quoted by us to the Client, we may choose not to be bound by such Transactions (without further liability to the Client) if we believe that there was a Manifest Error at the time of the Transaction;”
Further to the above and in accordance with section 12.6 (d) of our Account Terms, we will treat any trades that were opened on Gold symbols during the aforementioned time as void.

Please be informed that any Profits / Losses you may have gained/suffered as a result of those trades will be considered as void and your balance will be adjusted accordingly.

If you have any questions or require any assistance, please contact our Support team via email: