CFD-Market stolen my money... Resolved


I started trading with CFD-market since September 5 ,2013. it started by watching thier channel "1st Forex tv" broadcast on Nilesat Freq. 12399 V . I logged into thier site, as viewed on thier tv channel. I left my mobile no. and after two days i recieved a call held by one of thier employees called "Hamieda" speaking in my nativ language "Arabic". She was so friendly, she started to explain how forex trading goes, as I told her that i've no back experience with forex. What I noticed was the rush and how she was rushing me to deposit money even before learning how to deal with forex, as she tried and succeeded to convince me that by depositing my money at the beginning of the month "September" and my account will be managed by an account manger in such a free way, so I could start getting the profits by the end of the month... And what makes it worse is that however I was worried and didn't want to deposit but a 100 $ or 200 $ max, she convinced me to deposit a 1000$ ..and I started to face a problem in transferring the money due to the bad situation in my country "Egypt"..i tried hard so as to b honest and credible...she told me that I will withdraw money and recieve it the same way I deposit I preferred transfering money through my bank account so i could receive the profits on the same account...but I failed, so she started to convince me to use the CASH U but I told her that I don't wanna receive the profits to the CASH U account, she told me that time that I can change the way I receive money other than the way I deposited it....and so I didn't waste time at that end and sent it that time they looked so friendly..calling me always, answering all my questions..rushing all the depositing processes....after that two days later I received a phone call from another employee called "Shirin" telling me that she's gonna be my account manger, and that she's gonna train me on how to trade with forex....we did started but just a very few and just crust that i could learn by myself browsing thier site....Anyway, I can say it goes fine so far, however not as good as the way it was before depositing money.couple days later she "Shirin" started to tell me that I need to enlarge my capital, but I rold her that I don't have the liquidity at that time, and that I need much time to trust them before adding a penny to my capital, then she informed me that I couldn't receive money on my bank account, and that I couldn't change the way I receive money other than the way I deposited it which was the CASH U...!! I told her that "Hamieda" told me that I could receive it a way other than the way I deposit it...but she "Shirin" told me that she asked her and got to know that "Hamieda" told me that she would ask and answer me later, but didn't ensure that I could....!!! However , "Shirin" started to convince me adding some money ti my account so i could get more profits, but I told her that I'm not rushing the profits...i actually wanna get to know how to trade myself on forex.....but she told me that my capital is too small and that she won't be able to manage it unless I give her my trust and add more money to raise the capital...after a while I told her that i applied for a credit card that I would receive it within10 days in case they approved my application...and after 10 days I got a problem with the bank and they approved my application to some how...that couldn't cover even the much I promised to add to my capital, whish was 500$ .she was pursuing me during that time, until I received the credit card and told her what had happened and that i didn't get all what I applied for, and the amount I got won't even cover the amount we agreed to add to my capital, but she started to frown, and told me in some how that I'm a lier..!! And that the one who could deposit a 1000$ in cash could add 500$ in cash as well...i swear to her that I have no liquidity as I said before, but she refused to listen that makes me wondered what difference could be made by adding 500$ ..!! If I'm not rushing the profits..but she didn't convince me and I started to get worried..real i decided not to add even a penny...and when she asked me if I'm gonna add money or not, I answered that time she stoped all the updates emails.and even stopped answering my chats on thier site....and so I decided to withdraw my money back or refund...and asked her about the amount i could withdraw and have the right to get....she answered me all what u have in my account...whish is 1313.99$ .including a bonus 100$ given to me when I asked them about it as they promised....

Since that time I asked for her help to withdraw the money, but she ignored me,so I did it myself..that was at the begie of OCTOBER...almost a month and half, but I received nothing so far.....i tried to contact the company many and many time and no one answers me but rarely, and everyone answer me give me the same answer "your file is held by SHIRIN and we know nothing about it"....ten days ago i sent an email to thier support center with no feedback so far.....


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First, read through the broker's website and see if you really are restricted to withdrawing in the same way you deposited. If you are, then go ahead and pull out as much of your initial deposit that way as possible. You need to get your cash away from these helpful "account managers" as quickly as possible.

Send an email to every address you can find for this company and ask them to come join your discussion here and explain what the problem is.
I don't care for the way I can get my money back...all what I want now is my money, no matter the way...i lost trust and even the way they ignore my msgs. shows how weak thier company system I don't wanna any other individuals to face what I'd faced...they are really mean, poor mannered people....
There are some liars who will tell you anything just to make you deposit.

Make a complaint for the company management and even ask them to hear the call recordings. In case they will not solve this case, file a complaint against them.
There's no way to contact them other than their e-mail that I already tried before to send them a complaint to it, but they ignored it as the way they do when I request a live chat with them, which is the way I used to contact them before I decided to withdraw my money...
What I wanna say is that I'm not able to contact them but in those two ways whish they ignore all my trials on both of I don't know how to reach to the managers of this company, nor the way to get their attention....
dear Hallol
1st of all the money are in your account , we do not steal money as you say , I assume you are totally aware that we do withdraw to millions of dollars (something that I prove to you )
we do not treat our investors in a mean way , the opposite we do trust them, help them , support, do our best to cause you profit . if you faced one bad step with your account manager that does not mean that we stole your money or hurt you ! the deposit method is the withdraw method, its something both of us , you and I can not change .
I do ask you to contact me today at our phone number 00442070977977 or chat link

Mona - CFD-Market
Two months delay on a withdrawal isn't "one bad step" with an account manager.

Traders shouldn't have to bother going through an account manager to get their money. They should be able to file for a withdrawal directly via a form on the broker's website.
Two months delay on a withdrawal isn't "one bad step" with an account manager.

Traders shouldn't have to bother going through an account manager to get their money. They should be able to file for a withdrawal directly via a form on the broker's website.

Traders shouldn't have to bother going through the FPA to get their money.
Now i sent all the documents they asked me to send....and i'll be glad to hear something good the comming days....thank you guys for your support, however the issue is not settled yet ,but i do appreciate your reactions and positive opinions...without your support i would have been still trying to reach anybody from that company with no response.... thanks again
More than a month, but eventually i've got my capital back to my cashU account, however they (i mean CFD-MARKET) still holding my profits, besides deducting the bonus that they promised to be mine if i invested 1000 USD which was the main reason i did all what's possible to deposit that money (they were very good in convince,and i was such a naive.!!)... anyway i'm not asking them for that bonus however i can see it could compensate the lose...all i asked them is to give back all the money but they returned the capital after submitting this thread...and now after another month they hold the profits and demanding a declaration from me that the issue is solved and that it was just a MISUNDERSTAND, so i'd be able to get the rest of my money back....!!??!?

What shall i call them but a con... a gang....each one of them does what he/she likes ... No rules , No laws ....i called it Extortion...but they said "You claimed that we stole your money while there is no documents ! What do u expect from me ?".....!!!?? yeah..what do i expect from them other than this.....

i Hope everyone who is looking forward to trading with CFD-MARKET company to read this carefully and then decide....i'm in that sh#t since October 5 ,2013....and unless this great site, i'd have been still got nothing but more ignorance and humiliation....

i have all the e-mails to prove that