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Mike, you are welcome. :)

I have been using FXDD with a hedging strategy and it works great. You can follow your progress in MT4 but your "back office report" from the broker looks different in order to comply. The end results are exactly the same.



Hi everyone,

I just found out that some "ECN" brokers that they called themselves are not actually ECN.There is the thing that is called stop loss hunting,which I've found some persons writing articles on this topic on the Internet.

I've tried to solve this s/l hunting but cannot until now.They will try to reach the stop loss that are able for them to reach as long as they don't get far enough from the range of the pips that they can move the price to and from.This shows that they can move the price from its original trajectory as long as the actions do not result in any harm to the economy/or move away from the underlying fundamentals/policies.

This is just a theory,but the stop loss hunting is real.I don't know who's behind this,but it happens weirdly to me,it seems as though the market is too sensitive and will go against you rapidly.I had experienced it,when I enter a short trade,in less than a second it moves almost 50 pips against me,50 pips per second!

And it is not suprising,it happens several times even though there are nothing,no news events or anything around that time.
Anybody who had the same experience,please reply to me through private message.Thanks and well trade.


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Yeah this stop loss hunting is killing small traders like us. I have decided that I will only trade with small amounts in some accounts and use high lots. At least I can get profits in some account which is better than just keep hanging for small profits.


CFTC Rule 612 (Sub-Pennying)-This is the Achilles hill of many Forex Traders (retail). There is a lot of unfair game going on behind the curtains with broker/dealers splitting order spreads by jumping in front of the line, which results in most cases slowdown in retail order execution. I think this rule needs to be amended because High Frequency Traders are taking a toll of the retail traders, where we belong.


Dear friends, I have put 8 years of effort into forex and am shocked by developments. Many brokers and blocking traders from New Zealand where I live from opening accounts as our local FMA is trying to stop trading by 'unlicensed' traders. Only traders with 500K personal equity will be able to trade at 200:1 and open accounts offshore.
All others with existing accounts are facing a max 30:1 leverage.
This is a huge restriction for a traditionally unregulated marketplace.
Please some one tell me I am wrong - where can we find good advice about our remaining options...

Many thanks



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As far as I can tell, it isn't illegal for U.S. citizens to participate in a non-CFTC broker, so I don't see any problem with it. So far, my broker hasn't announced any new limitations. Although, the new limitations won't directly affect my trading, I still hope they won't be pushed on me.