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Chapter 2, Part I. Why FOREX?

Discussion in 'Complete Trading Education- Forex Military School' started by Administrator, Mar 8, 2011.

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    Part I. Why FOREX? [​IMG]
    Pipruit: I want to ask you something – why is FOREX so popular? What does it have that other markets do not?​


    Commander in Pips: The simple and fastest answer is - major possibilities with minor requirements.

    Pipruit: Uh, there is no prize for guessing that!
    Commander in Pips: Ok, ok. Let’s point out some basic features that add up to FOREX’s strong attractiveness. We will start with the items that we’ve already discussed earlier and then will add some more reasons:

    1. 24-hour FOREX market works all around the clock from 5:00 PM on Sunday till 5:00 PM on Friday in New York time. Even major holidays can’t close the market totally. Yes, trading volume can be reduced significantly, but the market continues to work. If you have a job and can trade only part-time during the day, this feature gives you huge benefits. First of all, it does not matter in what country you are living in, because the market is always at your service. Second, you can freely plan your day depending on your own circumstances and trade in the morning, during your lunch, in the evening or instead of sleeping. The market always there, ready to take your trades.

    2. Low demand for start-up assets allows you to come aboard with as little as $5-50! The point is that FX retail brokers provide clients with possibility to open “mini” (usually $100-300) or even micro ($5-50!) accounts. I’m not saying that you have to enter the market with lowest assets that you can ever find. But, in fact, you could... This issue does make the FX market much more accessible for individuals who want to start trading, but have limited sums of money to start with.​
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