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Chapter 30, Part I. A Bit More About Personality

Discussion in 'Complete Trading Education- Forex Military School' started by Administrator, Mar 20, 2012.

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    Part I. A Bit More About Personality. [​IMG]

    Commander in Pips: I’ve thought a bit and decided to offer you a small chapter, dedicated to personality of traders. First, it will be a little faster chapter that will let you relax a bit, second – it will let you look at yourself from another point of view. We will discuss some features of traders of different kinds, so that will help you probably understand what type is close personally to you.

    Pipruit: I think this might be exciting, since I like this kind of psychology lessons.

    Commander in Pips: I’m glad. Ok let’s start then. As you already probably understand – each person in the world is unique. Since traders are also persons – they are unique too. Even twins are different as physically as mentally. They like different food, music, dress, choose different career, spend their vacation in different places. Also they can be different in their politician choice – democrats or republicans, in terms of the US. In other words, they look differently at the same objects.


    There is no need to talk about people who are absolutely different not only in terms of personality but also in terms of national culture and history, mentality but also education and other things. So we should not feel any surprise that there are so many views on markets also. Some of us prefer fast, often but small profit, while others prefer to even lose a bit while they will take multiple attempts to catch the trend, but then they will be with a solid trend that allows them to get much profit.

    Our differences also can be seen when applying the same trading systems. There are not so many well-known trading systems and most traders use one or another with some adjustments and/or combination with another, or even without any adjustments. Still, although they apply the same approach – the results always are different. This comes from our personality. This is a driving force of our world, otherwise how boring the life could be. But here I want to tell you that personality is important for another reason.
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