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Discuss Chartered-Forex-Robot.com

General discussions of a financial company
This is a cent account with balance of $100 odd dollars started with $75. Is this an EA or signal service it has a subscription service of $100 per month so isn't this a signal service ?? And therefore subject to minimum deposit requirements of $500? Just a warning it's likely this is the same vendor as profit empire robot that crashed and burned. Details here www.donnaforex.com/forum/index.php?topic=13405.30
A subscription fee doesn't turn an EA into a signals service.

I'm glad the post above got caught in the moderation queue. I can't check every thread for over 3000 forex services. One of my people pointed it out to me and I referred it over to Testing. Profit Empire Robot is only one of the services this person or group has submitted to the FPA. The minimum amount needed goes up after each failure, and the company has several failed tests.

The test has been stopped. Unless the correct minimum balance can be arranged, it won't be restarted.

If you notice anything else like this, please use "Contact Us" and select "Performance Testing".