Cheated by james Gordan, max barkley


I have been cheated into binary option trading by Max Barkley, of Usd $2150 deposit with account 911633 & practices account of usd $1000 914296, he initially made profit on 2 trading & on the third trading he purposely treate me to anyhow buy & sell thus causing some lost, he trick me into opening a practice account & deposit usd $1000, & another usd $900 for further trading, ever since that lost I was sure something not right & when I request to get back my practice account of $1000 , he & the support group just ignore me. 1-2 week later max barkley inform me he have left the company which I believe is an scam. later 1 week later his colleague call me saying to help me trade big win, but when I told him I need withdraw first usd $1000 from the practice account, he just no reply at all. Up till now though there were still profit in both account but I am still unable to get back any amount.

For Gtpcapital James Gordan one of the most evil trader tricked me to open an account of euro $250 & another deposit of euro $2000, after I Deposited he told me profit have been made, & I can withdraw out the $2000 euro, he told me he have approved but more than one month have passed my money still stuck in the account, & no more response from him & from the company support team My account is 130617. also another company which refused my withdrawal , my account number 3267, I have deposited euro $500 but unable to withdraw out at all.

All these 3 company are big scammer, fraud company please do not invest & deposit with them & need to put the trader behind bar. James Gordon, Max Barkley, Howard Scott.