Over a year ago, I invested $300 in a binary option investment software after watching an opt-in video. The software automatically downloaded on my laptop. It was to show signals, so I could begin making money. I tried it for the dirst couple of hours and I won a few trades and lost a couple. But, the balance evened out. Anyhow, I did not have alot of time to play more, so I signed out until next time. The next day a manager from CiTrades called and asked what my plans were for signingbip for binary options. I told hom the truth, I wanted to make a couple of thousands of extra $$$ a month. So, he explained further how he will work on my account on daily basis and multiply the profits - he also criticized the software and how his expertise in trading will help. So, I had to make the investment amount $5000 to start up, and I would have consistent profta to withdraw within 3 months, anywhere between $5000 - $7500. So, I invested the $5000. A week later he calls again, and asks for another $5000, at this point I had read up on their website that $10,000.00 investors will have an expert working on their account and taking care of the account. so, I invested another $5000. This was April of 2015.

By May of 2015 citrades had charged my credit cards to maximum without my permission, they had even contacted my credit cards and raised credit limits - so the withdrawn amounts exceeded $35,000.00. In June of 2015, I contacted my credit card conpanies to dispute the charges. While that was happening, I was calling the account manager at CiTrades to see what was going on with the account. I was able to: change my credit card numbers, so they could no longer charge $$$. And, get CiTrades deposit $7000 of the charges back to my credit cards - after lawsuit threats and more (I really had to get nasty with these thieves).

I still had the remaining 30k they stole, as credit card debts. Since I had approved the first 2 $5000 transactions, credit card companies allowed the recurring charges as safe. They were not able to get a hold anyone at CiTrades to confirm the dispute within 30 days, therefore, I was responsible for the charges.

So, CiTrades has decided to play more games with me. I have been waiting for a phone call from the account manager for the past 5 months, now. My last request was: "please close the account and sens the benefits to my bank account, since I have closes out my credit card accounts." - this was December of 2015.

When I call to check on status of my request: I wait a long time and get hang up on, or the account manger has chnaged to Brad Pitt or a celebrity football player, or he is in a meeting and will call back. When I place a withdrawal request online, the accounting department holds it for coupke of months, before cancelling it.

It is totally ridiculous and frustrating. I am not sure what else to do. I am aick and tired of these people.

Can anyone help, please!


I hope you've already contacted the fraud department at your credit card company about those unauthorized charges. You should also file a police report.

What country are you in?