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Problem Citrades withdrawal issue !

I am having an issue with a company


Hello there,

Im a client of Citrades. I deposited $250 and trade with them. After some loss and also need money for personal incidence, I decide to withdraw my money. But they delay for a long time and then try to encourage me to deposit more. I told them I need money for personal purpose URGENTLY or I have to report on Forexpeacearmy but they replied like this :

I saw your withdrawal request

I am sending you here attached a link you should verify as the websites you mentioned are investigated by the authorities as being scam sites themselves

We tried to have them publish our responses but they simply refuse

The peaceforexarmy is a group of Russian guys , and as mentioned they are under investigation

I am your account manager , and the person mentioned to you is not a broker nor an analyst , he is in the accounting department , and has nothing to do with your account or with any customers

I tried to call you several times, but without success , your telephone numnber is constantly busy

Should you give me a good telephone number , I will gladly call you and we can then decide if you want to close your account with us or not

I cant talk via phone, and I need my money. Citrades should refund me, or I will have to expand the problem.
The Citrades person who told you that is incorrect.

The FPA never blocked posts from any legitimate representative of Citrades or CitiTrader. The FPA did ban one employee who was caught pretending to be a client. The FPA banned a number of accounts that were spamming on behalf of this company. You can see some of that here...



The most recent representative of CitiTrader and Citrades was "Binary Answer". He stated that his legal department would not let him post any more. He then returned and posted a link to libelous material. Then he created a new account and posted in a large number of threads, including many unrelated to the CitiTrader and Citrades. You can see those actions starting on page 8 of this thread...


If CitiTrader and Citrades can appoint someone honest to speak on behalf if their company, that person would be welcome to join the discussion. More liars and spammers are not welcome.
Dear Sir

As previously written , the bookkeeping will refund the balance , you need a little patience and it will come back to you

I have send you plenty of links showing without any doubts that the forexpeacearmy is itself a huge scam and fraudsters , so that adding your links to your message will not help

You have been officially informed that the refund will be done, and for a respectable company like ours , it is in motion

Best regards

Jean Hermans

Newest Email from Jeans - Citrades

But havent got the money until now. Im in need Urgent and it seems they tried to delay
Tell Jeans that you can be 100% certain that your issue as reported at the FPA is honest and accurate, so any claimed doubts about the FPA are irrelevant to him paying you the money you are owed and are just a method he's using to try to distract from your very real problem.

How did you deposit?

Go ahead and file a complaint with Cysec and eConsumer.gov
It is mean and ridiculous for "respectable" company trying to bad-mouth others making such crazy statements. Don't know what to think about brokers now..
It's a standard scam practice. If a client posts a complaint on a website, attack the credibility of the website to distract from the real issue a real client is having.

There really can be fake complaints, but those are much more rare than fake posts promoting a company - which is something CitiTrader (aka Citrades) has been caught doing at the FPA. This company has no claim to the word "respectable" in my book.