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I joined both City FX and Tech FX. The last one is owed and run by Connie Anderson. City Fx had a deal whereby if a certain number of pips werent made you would have had a refund. Tech FX offered a package for £280 which after 2 weeks nothing was heard of. Connie had been offered another job and couldnt keep up with Tech FX. A few weeks later he annnounced that he was buying CIty FX and stopping TEch FX and if we wanted to join CIty FX we would have to pay again.
What Connie promised
1) Daily Technical Analysis
2) Trading Room
3) DVDs sent
4) SMS service
5) Email support
None of the above happened. He promised everything and delivered nothing and then closed his site and wanted more money

Stay away from Connie Anderson. There are alot of people out there who be their trust in him and he just took the money and ran
The FPA has received a legal threat from someone claiming to be Connie of CityFxCapital over the first post in this thread.

The FPA never removes posts because of legal threats. If the threat isn't withdrawn by the end of the business day on Monday, I'll publish it on Tuesday.
I ve just re read most of the e mails I have received over the last 6 weeks and I am more than welcome to cut and paste them into here to support my claim
Please post whatever you have. I'd like to see more info about this issue.
Hello folks Connie here from techexFX,

Just to let you know that we only have 8 spaces left in the live trading room which is part of our trading service.

With the techexFX service you receive, SMS trade signals 5 days per week, trade room 3 days per week, DVD training for the MFT trading system and my daily trading levels for 4 pairs 5 days per week.

We are offering the full package above for a one off fee of £280, and we have just announced to our current members and new members that the SMS signals and Trade room will be free for the next 3 months as a thank you for taking up our introduction offer. Our monthly fee is £95 pm but we have waved this for the next 3 months if you have paid the £280 introduction fee.

The trade room is part of our full package (DVD training, SMS, Email reports, trade room, email support) so there is only 8 spots left as the trade room is capped at 65 members.
So our offer of one off fee of £280 for the full package for the next 3 months is limited to the last 8 places.

Alternatively you can join our SMS service only, this will give you all of our SMS alerts 5 days per week for 10 pairs. We currently have to charge a quarterly fee for this service at this time for £168 for every 3 months.

If you would like to sign up to any of our services then please email me at

received 2nd oct

Dear Member,

As many of you know I have been a little quite recently mainly because I was in New York on business, helping to set up a new trading floor.

I have been offered a a 2 year contract with a large institution along with my staff and quite frankly it is too lucrative to turn down. I have been thinking long and hard about how I can serve you best going forward whilst at the same time giving 100% to my new post.

What I can offer you is a scaled back service which will provide you with the MF levels every morning before 7.50am which will enable you to continue profiting with the knowledge you have gained from the training.

The charge for the levels if you would like to receive them will be £50 per month. Those of you who joined at the beginning of September are due to pay tomorrow. SMS alerts will continue to be sent all next week but will then stop as I will be heading to New York again
received 5th oct

Hi Folks,

Things are a pretty hectic for me right now but I wanted to write to you and apologise and also give you my personal assurances on a couple of issues which have been brought to my attention.

Before I left for New York last time I left one of my team in charge of sending out the training DVD's. I have just been made aware that this did not happen and some of you are still waiting. I am extremely sorry and a little embarrassed about this. I give you my personal guarantee that I will post the DVD's myself when I return from New York On Saturday and you will receive them sometime next week.

Please reply to this email with your full address so I have everything I need when I return.

I will also make sure that there is at least one new divergence video on the website by next Friday to help you understand it a little better.

Going forward my time is going to be split between home and NY but I guarantee you that the MF levels I send you will have 6 currency pairs and will be delivered to you by 07.50 every day.

Again please accept my sincere apologies for the delay and thank you for your patience.

received 13th oct

Hi there, Connie here,

I know its been a while since I last emailed you but things have really been busy and I have not been able to monitor the techexFX emails. I have been back and forth to New York 4 times now in the past few weeks sorting things here and then over there a head of my new position. There are a lot of things that really need cleared up as I can see there is a lot of people emailing about problems, so please bare with me while I address these issues.

First of all I have not abandoned anyone even though it may seem that way. Unforeseen opportunities popped up after I launched my DVD and live room which I felt were good situations to watch closely and monitor. Firstly I was offered a position with a private fund over in New York which I have accepted, hey come on it pays an easy £230k a year for sending some highly detailed reports each day, I'm not going to turn that down. The good news is I can operate this from my own trading desk here in the UK.

Secondly a little mouse told me the guys who were buying CityFXCapital were already in financial difficulty before they bought CityFX, from my understanding this was a last ditch attempt from them to salvage something and one that created an opportunity to monitor. With my travels back and forth to New York and the CityFX saga I have been unable to fully dedicate my time at techexFX for the moment.
I was emailed and called last Thursday that CityFX were looking strong to go under any day now and so when it was official I made my offer to review the books on Tuesday and make any formal offers on Wednesday which was accepted at 08:15 yesterday. These guys must be very desperate as the full transaction and monetary transfer was all completed in 3 hours for a very small fraction what they paid for it, actually less than 15%.

Okay so what does that mean for you?

Well what that means for you is that yes I will be sending out the training DVD to the techexFX paid members, but now I have complete time I'am going to add the divergence scalping videos to the DVD then send them to you personally. So the DVD will contain the MFT training and the divergence scalping videos making it a complete training course.

Also I will be transferring the full techexFX database and members area over to the CityFXCapital website and the techexFX | Forex Trader site will be closed.

Also as a bonus for your time, custom and Patience during this time the CityFXCapital trading signals will be free of charge for the next month or so. These trades will be sent by me personally and not by a member of my team who is no longer with me, the techexFX SMS signals were sent by him during the techexFX sms alerts period.

Full data reports for 4-6 majors each day, as I'm now fully focused and have no time delays or overlapping commitments I will be sending out 2 reports each morning. The first report will be my MF levels the second report will be the trade signals. These trade signals will detail the entry/stop/target for 4 pairs for the day. All you have to do is paper trade them or set the order to trade them, I will then send a follow up email in the afternoon detailing if the stop should be moved or the trade/s closed depending on the action that day, these trade alerts are medium term trade alerts that can be held for 60 minutes to 8 hours.

I thank you for your patience during this time, these efforts have been made to create a bigger and better trader training and alerts firm that will benefit us all.

Please allow me a further 7 days in total to add the divergence videos to the DVD and ship them out to you, and remember the trade signals on CityFX will be free for the next month or so