ClearEdgeFX Forex Signals - 30-Day Free Trial


ClearEdgeFX Forex Signal Service Official Launch - Free Forex Signals For 30-Days

After a 12-month beta trial period the Toronto-based ClearEdgeFX has officially launched its service to all traders looking to improve their forex trading results. The company's trading style creates signals that are not time-consuming for traders to follow allowing its customers to maintain their daytime jobs yet still be able to trade. One of the key challenges that traders face is that most cannot commit themselves to forex trading on a full-time basis, while the vast majority of forex signal services are focused on scalping strategies that make it extremely difficult for traders to follow. Despite the growing popularity of auto-trade and copier services many traders find that option, understandably, makes them feel uncomfortable given the risks involved. The service provided by ClearEdgeFX is designed to solve all these issues and set it apart from its competitors by emphasizing sound risk management practices paired with forex signals that consistently outperform the market.

Signals provided by ClearEdgeFX aim to capitalize on market movements that last anywhere from one to a few days generally aiming for 80-120 pips of profit. Taking into account that the vast majority of signal services on the Web provide poor service from the risk management perspective all traders are asked to sign up for a 30-day free trial first to determine whether this type of forex trading style is compatible with their own trader profile, as well as to verify the company's track record. Any trader who signs up will receive free forex signals for a period of 30-days at no charge, after which the monthly subscription fee will be $59 USD. More details about the service and the various subscription plans on offer are available on the company's website. ClearEdgeFX is confident that the quality of its service will give traders that extra edge they need to become better traders in the long term.

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