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Why CMC USA close?

I try to post new thread but system say not allowed, anyway I try for my Question here. For what reason CMC closed their US office, it is because they do not have the new $10 million NFA want? Surely with other offices they have the required amount, no? What will happen to peoples money, they will get it back? I only worried because we almost open with CMC, but decided to go for broker in another country. After a few years with bad Polish broker, we changed, lucky we did not go with CMC as bad history could have repeated again! We believe that new requirement good for FX market, it will get rid of bad brokers in time .

lady lakitera

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Equites on their way if what they say is true only 100 products but awesome flash it makes my other platforms look as sunk as the titanic. Quite impressive even for CMC. :cute: