I haved experience connectivity problems with their system so far. Its will reconnect every 5-10 minutes. Everytime when i prompt to the technical service, everytime they will ask us to reinstall the platform. I was thinking that was the best solution that they can provide to us. Anyway i was using their system and service already few year and actually i feel ok for that, because the withdrawal process very fast and trading on the charts was very easy and customise indicator. Actually the connectivity problems,
is due to a fire wall preventing us from reacing CMS and visa
versa. Neither disable the firewall and attempt to connect again , if
connecting via proxy. Anyway now i have no problems with the connectivity anymore until myself found a solutions on this matters. After i found the solutions, then i try to test drive their system and recently i didnt face any connectivity problems occurs anymore. ;)


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Yeah so I was fuzzy as to the human intervention involved with csmfx's trade execution and decided to start up one of those nifty live chat and clearly asked if they were an ECN broker and got a ton of terms and conditions , contract mumbo jumbo and a healthy serving of fillabusterism... anyways turns out they have mixed means of settling trades which involves an " experienced dealing desk as well as an "auto dealer system".. and now im on live chat hold.. so hopes this clarifies something for someone.... GO FPA GO!!!!!!!


Cms Lousy Service

I've sent my application to open a UK new account. Your customer service sent me link to deposit the funds into account. Nevertheless, after I started to send my funds to your side which is on Friday and my funds is stuck no where. I had enquiry with the customer service and was told wiring took 2 - 3 business days. On the 3rd day, I check with the customer service and was told it took 2 - 5 business days. I'm getting to worry as I feel suspicious by the whole thing cause the customer staff is trying to delay. I email and chatting to find out my funds from the staff and all they know is asked me to wait and update me once is in. I was asked to send my wiring document to them and they will check for me. After I had send the wiring documents and their investigating, I was told that it due to me that I wiring to wrong places. I had wired it to CMS, LLC instead of CMS UK ltd. Since these are two separate entities, we cannot accept these funds for CMS UK, ltd. Therefore, there is only one option for us and it is to send your funds back so that you can send this wire again using the correct bank instructions. I'm very furious as I'm had to pay for wiring cost and suffer the exchanges rates as this is a stupid blunder fault done by your CMS customer service. They not even worth a star as they are the one to screw up everything and I had to incur the loses and exchanges rates. In all, customer service bad and knowledge is not enough was being thrown here and there. :mad:


Has anyone tried to withdrawal funds from cms.
When I opened account with them and sent email ?
recieved answer right away (5 minite to 1 hour)_ now I
want to close account sent withdrawal form 2 times in
one day to same person that opened account with and
asked for conformation. After 2 days of know email sent
another and next day late she sent email saying could not
find forms. So right away resent form by reply two days
a go and still waiting.
I have withdrawed funds from other brockers and recieved
funds within two to four days.
Might just tell them where they can put funds, but thereis
know sunshine there.
you are given free 50$ to start trading, but if u want to withdraw 50$, need to deposit 500$ and trade 5 lot

and they offer 100% bonus which will be paid everytime you finish some lots.

they have their own trading platform but not user friendly. same requote procedure, etc.

for withdraw, i never try