CMSTRADER lost 1.6million in 2 days


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WOW FxMaster who are you ? to explain people to hold back language
According to Bill's Rules of Order, a request for polite language is always in order. There is a reason for this. No matter what a company has done, consider the odds of getting a reply between these 2 messages...

1. You #&@ing scum stole my money. Get your *#^'s into this thread and tell the world why you evil criminals are scamming me.

2. Can you please come and join this discussion thread? I believe some technical issue resulted in your platform incorrectly wiping out my account. I'd like to discuss what went wrong and what can be done to correct the situation.

There are many scamming criminals in the financial industry where politeness won't help, but you must remember something else. There are also many technical issues and terrible misunderstandings. These can be resolved much more quickly through a polite discussion.


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Now i have to contact the Financial Ombudsman to report this company for unsafe dealing and scamming my family out of our savings.
Uhh obviously we managed to catch some attention here better start behaving before getting kicked out :D

The Ombudsman will be of no help,

Do explain all your story again, more details please, your jurisdiction, the name of your manager even fake don’t matter, phone numbers emails used…whatever you can think of, and of course which Banking institutions received your funds, name and account nb.

Besides fpa review plenty other very bad stuff

"Pandorx Ventures Ltd. is registered in the UK, but is not regulated by the FCA. According to the broker’s website, it only provides the payment services of CMSTrader."

Oh how can that be :eek:

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Im with hsbc in the uk and they cannot help as this was a push payment so I actively sent payments of my own doing.recipient bank is in serbia the account was safeside trading. The brokers name is REDACTED based in Birmingham uk and the cms traders that then took over the account were chris miller and Alex C. They say they were based in Cyprus but had sounded Isreali to me and i ve tracked their address to Gom in isreal. They only wanted to talk on the phone which I couldn’t call them back on and otherwise it was via whatsapp between me and chris miller. When i asked for money the trades went crazy so that my equity reduced to small numbers when the balalance was 1.5m. See screenshot.



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Im with hsbc in the uk and they cannot help as this was a push payment so I actively sent payments of my own doing.recipient bank is in serbia the account was safeside trading.
Can you name us The Serbian Bank also Iban of accounts, best upload the broker wire transfer data

….who knows what is behind this account

Don’t trust your HSBC Bank, in fact they rather file an AML suspicion report on your behalf before helping, go ahead with the Uk Ombudsman, Serbia is also part of EU and should comply to its standards.

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I have written to the bank to state that they are harbouring bank accounts for known fraudsters but have had no response.

The bank is Unicredit bank .
Sort code & account
BACXRSBGXXX RS35170004000170805077


Sadly a video of trading activity would not be admissible in a UK court.
Also our regulators are pretty toothless.

Your best bet is to find a legal firm in the UK that will follow this on a "no fix no fee" basis, and go after the payment processor registered here. Because this is above a certain threshold your legal fees would be covered in the event that you won your case. Be sure that you consider the arrangement between you and any prospective law firm ... what happens if the case is lost or appealed or any judgment thereby found to be unenforceable?

As per their privacy statement at
" is owned and operated by Safe Side Trading LTD Office 7 35-37 Ludgate Hill, London, UK."

NB Companies house record has been modified to indicate PANDORX VENTURES LTD Company number 09229115 as owners, however under Persons with significant control Safe Side Trading Ltd. of C And H Towers, Great Marlborough And Great George Streets, Roseau, Dominica, 00152 is listed as: Nature of control - Ownership of shares – 75% or more.

It is my understanding that a judgment gained here in the UK could be enforced in the Grenadines (former UK colony with UK Supreme court as supreme court of appeal), although it is just as likely that any funds held in a bank there would vanish as soon as action began in the UK.

In terms of the ownership of Pandorx, the following individual is listed... although it is likely/possible this person is a shill or even unaware of their involvement.


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