Romance Scam CoinBucker Scam (

Pig Slaughter and similar scams
how do i report this in the united states orther than FBI IC3 online form
Please report to the following:

3) Attorney General for the State you live in

If you wired funds also report fraud to your bank. Also you can contact GASO (Global Anti Scam Org) as they have live chat 24/7 to assist victims and I also assist that org.

I was scammed $7000 and being asked to pay $42,000 to mscahelp him withdraw his 400,000 usdt please expose/report this IG as well I have reported him on whatsapp and IG (dickybahl429).
This is him, I got scammed same way


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This is him, I got scammed same way
All the pictures that you see are fake, they are stolen on Chinese websites that we have no access to reverse search those images. Please consider to contact for more information. They have vast resources to help victims like us.