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Company's Working Hours during Christmas and New Year's Day

Discussion in 'Press Releases' started by Exness, Dec 20, 2010.

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    Aug 25, 2010
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    Dear Clients,

    Below you will find information on changes to the company's working hours during the holidays.

    Forex Market

    On December 24 and 31, 2010 the Forex market stops trading at 17.00 (GMT+0). On other days the market will be trading as usual.

    Exness Customer Support

    From December 24, 2010 till January 2, 2011 the customer support will be available from 01.00 (GMT+0) till 16.00 (GMT+0). Saturday and Sunday are day-offs. Starting from January 3, 2011, the customer support will be available in normal working hours.

    Change of Trading Conditions

    From December 27, 2010 till December 31, 2010 the following restrictions apply:

    • Maximum leverage for all account types will be changed to 1:50.

    • Spreads for most currency pairs will be somewhat wider than in the normal mode of operation. Please bear in mind during trading that Stop Levels and Freeze Levels cannot be less than the spread value.

    Starting from January 3, 2011 when the Forex market opens, Exness default trading conditions will be renewed.

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