COMPLAINT INVOLVING MULTIS - Forex Chief is a scam , they are Thief and Fake . They should be called ForexThief .

Dear Katlego

Seems your personal manager tried to call you with a good intentions, we doubt it is a good idea to avoid dialogue.

Anyway nothing would be happened if you followed the rules and performed a payment inside Personal Area on companies website, or if you would check Contacts page on website, where you could see address and phones, or contact online chat on website… some reasonable steps instead of giving money to the first person you met, who tells you "... he is on phone with the Head of Technical Department of ForexChief".

We are really sorry that such things happened, but ForexChief did not receive any payment from you, we doubt it is a right way to find someone to blame instead of understanding own mistakes.
Here is the screen/record I talked about.
Am sorry I didn’t know it wasn’t attached the other time. I only came to check what you people have sent after getting notified in my email only for me to discover that nothing was attached to my previous message like I said.

Like I said in my previous message, this video was compressed so that the size can be reduced so as to enable the uploading.
If any one cares for the original one or a more quality one , kindly reply this message with your email.

kindly check attached file here.
Oops , it seems video can’t be sent in here. I will upload the video on YouTube and send the link here.
I think that will be better .
Hello everyone...
Here is the Link to the video of the screen record I made that shows that the ForexChief South African office address was put on their website . The date of the day that I made the video is there. ( ) .

And here is the link to the screen record video that I just made not Long ago
( )

This video shows that ForexChief has gone to delete the page of the address from their website so as to be able to call me a liar and also to prove to the world that they are innocent which is a lie.

I don’t have anything much to say to you again.
Since you’ve claimed that you are innocent,then no problem.
Let’s leave everything for the authorities to sort out.

First, let me state that you definitely have been scammed. The real questions is "Who scammed you?"

It appears the people you met in that office didn't really work for Forex Chief. From your description, it sounds like the "office" with signs was set up as a quick way to steal from you (and possibly a few others). It also appears that the scammers took advantage of an old press release (now removed, due to your efforts) on ForexChief's website.

I really think Forex Chief did make 2 mistakes. The newest one was removing the press release instead of adding a warning note about having NO offices in South Africa. This would be far superior to making the old data just disappear. The original mistake was not adding a note about that office being closed back when it really did close. I sincerely hope Forex Chief goes through all old press releases and ads notes to ones that contain outdated information that could be misused by scammers.

I think your best hope is to get the South African police to pressure the building's management. I really doubt that fake office setup could have been done without someone managing or providing security for the building providing access for the scammers. Actively assisting the office setup and then hiding that it was there after you visited shows someone involved with the building itself was an accessory to the crime.

I don't know how it works in South Africa, but in the US, it's very easy to call the tax appraiser's office, give an address, and find out who the owner is. The person or company who owns the building may managed it directly or may have subcontracted that out to a management company. Figure out who/what owns/manages/provides security and you'll be very close to finding the people who took your money.
Here is the screen/record I talked about.
what for this video? you've got official confirmation from couple days ago, where manager confirmed existing of such news, so there is no sense to find proofs.. you've got them from

and yes, this news 2018 was hided, but for obvious reasons - to avoid that someone else brings cash to that place without any checking

also you've asked about Nigeria representative, he also tried to call you to sort this matter.
and please think to work with police, we believe this really help
Thank you Pharaoh for your concern.
The agent in charge of the building has been contacted and he said since 2015 till date that no name like Forex Chief has rented any part of the building.
Forexchief claimed they had office there in the year 2018, but their name was not seen in the book that has the records of those that have rented the apartment during that year.
If it is really true that they have rented the apartment or they had an IB in 2018 as claimed by ForexChief , they should show us the proof here, with documents that backed up their operation during the period of time that they said they operated.
It’s now even clear that there was even no ForexChief at the address initially..

The address has been a fake one from day one.

The news they posted then was fake.

There is something you people don’t understand about me. I won’t mind spending $20-30k to make sure I get my $7500 back . And with the look of things you might end up paying more than the $7500, because I will go to the media to make an announcement if there is anyone that has also been scammed like me with proof at that same building. I think when more people comes out and testify and starts filing claim for refund then you know what to do.

And also, my Law man already confirmed to me that the Authorities too are doing there work/investigation underneath too, and I was assured that your office in Nigeria will be contacted soon.

The agent also said the 4th floor has been recently left vacant due to the renovation and amendments work that they are planning to do on the floor .
They also said there is no general security or Or chief Security for the build, unless a tenant decides to employ one personally.

the building is a type that you can enter without anyone questioning you, as far as you know where you are going .

Thanks to Pharaoh for his advice.

It has really shed more light to the issue.
Good Morning everyone,

I hope we can all see now that ForexChief has kept mute since confirming their nonexistence in South Africa .

No problem.

Have also kept mute because I was assured that they will be gotten hold of.

But the painful thing is that out of the 3 departments that was contacted in Nigeria only one has responded so far . But they assured us of looking into the matter and doing the necessary things.

Still waiting on the other ones contacted.

Will keep everyone updated.

Hey Forexchief,

I hope you know I have not forgotten you people. Trying to be your client led to my downfall. I got scammed trying to be your client and you people were unable to do something about it, and you think you can go scott free like that? Hell no, I'm still on your matter. I guess Nigerian cyber crime Authorities are so useless, thats why they've not gotten you guys arrested in Nigeria.

And I noticed that you keep changing from one Location to another in Nigeria so that you won't be detected. Do not worry, your Nigeria Representative will be arrested very soon, I can promise you that.

Keep watching your back, my eyes are on you.

As we explained your case in 2020, according the client agreement deposit operations must be carried out in the “Personal Area” (, where you can find company wallets. You should be careful when someone ask you to send cash outside the formal procedure. We have already recommended you contact the police to find those to whom you sent crypto, we cant say nothing new in your case.