complaints agaisnt the broker

mohsen ghorbani

Dear Sir/Mam,

Please check the following issues occurred 2014.07.02 while trading with Nord FX in MT4, as I had two open positions of 1.00 lots with the order numbers 13671865 and 13671907 of GBPJPY sell along with stop loss. Yesterday As market was moving in down trend and my number of profit level was increasing in the both positions of GBPJPY. After that when market were moved down till 138.55 reached I was (approximate 30 pips in profit) I moved my stop loss to 138.83. But when market was going up trends 13 pips were remains to trigger my stop loss and I was @ 290$ in profit, my both positions has been closed @30$ profit. Where I could close my profit @ 290$.

As Nord FX claims that News trading in Standard & ECN accounts is possible then why this ridiculous issue keep on happening???

I’m sending you both screenshots of my account history.

I want an appropriate explanation from your end ASAP, and compensate my loss. Or hence I will stop investing and promoting your company and will take legal action against your organization.

I have highlighted both the trades in the attached file, so please concern it.

Looking forward for getting back a positive response from your end

please find the attached file again.

As shown in the attached picture problems are in two types of positions.(order numbers: 16671865 & 16671907)

Account number: 839789
you said that:

Please note that during news release spread is usually increased. Sell positions are closed at the Ask price which equals to Bid price + spread. The maximum Bid price at 14:15 was 138.74, but due to widened spread the Stop Loss level of 138.83 had been reached.
Order has been executed correctly."

that time there were no news of eurjpy.
i am agree with you that during news the spread used to increased. but there was no new of eurjpy on 2 july 14:15 . i would say you just trying to make me crazy okay. after two month got many different answer from your side. but all were useless and meaningless.please return my 260$.

okay as you said that because of the news, the number of spread increased and it has been cause of my lost right? now can you tell me which new was that time? can you prove that? please prove it.
as i can see that time there were no news of eurjpy so i can prove that with that sending the attachment of forexfactroy print screen short which i am attached please find the attached file


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