Forex Affiliate Links Contest of professional traders in 2022


Hello guys, today i would like introduce a trading contest to everyone

Axi Pro Trader Contest is initiated and sponsored by Axi with all prizes worth $50,000. It is organized on Colosseum – a P2P platform to create and participate in trading contests. The contest promisingly brings you the most enjoyable experience as participating with an Axi Pro account. Depositing from $50, traders can compete for the highest prize of +$15,000. More worthy prizes are available from the unlimited money pool.

This was revealed as a contest with the greatest prize pool ever on Colosseum. Let’s deep dive into it through this article! Worldwide traders, welcome to register on Colosseum before the contest starts


Axi Pro Trader
is looking for talented traders worldwide. Therefore, traders from all over the world can register for the contest with Axi Pro trading accounts. There are some important notes in AXI PRO TRADER as follows:

1. Account Type: New PRO trading account

2. Max registration: 3 trading accounts/user

3. Min deposit to compete for prizes: $50

The impressive point is that the time limit will not apply to deposits. As a result, feel free to do it when you are ready!



Many prizes are available for global traders to conquer. In detail, 30 weekly prizes and 31 final prizes will be distributed throughout the contest. Each week the top 10 traders get $2500 while the final round prizes are accounted for ~85% money pool. Opportunities are all around!



*Any trading account with an insufficient deposit (less than $50) is not eligible to compete for prizes.

Example: A participant deposits $350, withdraws $100, and gets a profit of $30. Net deposit is 350-100 = ($)250, and the respective score multiplier is 1. So, his Gain Score is 30/250 x 1 = 12%.


The contest determines trading volume based on standard lots. For gold & forex, a standard lot is the equivalent of 100,000 units of the base currency.


There are specific rules to qualify participants. Keep in mind and follow the rules set forth by the organizer. These will be decisive if you can compete for prizes!

1. The trading account must be profitable. Participants must close all open positions:

• by 23:59 (AXI Server Time) on each Sunday for weekly prize review, and

• by 23:59 (AXI Server Time) on Oct 02, 2022 for final prize review.

2. Trading accounts with orders entered before the contest start time will be disqualified.

3. Reciprocal trade, gap trading, pricing error, or any kind of abnormal profit exploit will be disqualified.

4. The Organizer reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any Participant that is found or suspected of performing foregoing exploits without prior notice.

5. And, in any case, the organizer’s decision is final.



Step 1: Sign up for an Axi account

(If you already had an Axi account registered under our partner link, skip this)

If you do not have an Axi user account, you need to register for an account through our partner link:

If you already have an Axi account not registered under our partner link, please see this article ( to change.

See more detail here!

Step 2: Link Axi user account to FXCE platform

(If you already linked your Axi account on FXCE, skip this)

If you do not have an FXCE account, register one here.

Login to your FXCE user account. In the trading account area, choose "Partner's Account".

Click "Connect partner's account" & enter your email registered for the Axi user account.

Verify the request via email.

Step 3: Create an Axi Pro account

(If you already had a new Axi Pro account, skip this)

Log in to your Axi account, click "Open a new account" and select the "Pro" account type.

* Remember to fill in the Reason "Please tag this new account to IB 4121296" to sync the trading account to the FXCE platform successfully.

Step 4: Register for the contest on FXCE Colosseum

Visit AXI PRO TRADER contest on Colosseum and click "Register".



Now, you have got How to register but another important registration note is the deadline to register. The, let’s take a look here.

• Time to register: 08 August – 04 September

• 04 weeks of competition will start on 05 September

Axi Pro Trader will officially start on 00:00 Sep 05, 2022 (GMT+2 DLS | GMT+3). And, you are eligible to join the contest as long as register in time by this point. There’s nothing to lose for early registration, so take the time!


Register the contest here:
And if you don't have an Axi account, you need to register for an account through this link: