Guys, I, myself is a victim of this deceptive money making scam involving cryptocurrency.

I have read all your reviews but too late. We all had the same experience. Same same everything.
How can I contact all of you?
Let me know guys if you are interested. We have been creating a group so we can join force to take this Scam company down.
Currently, we are 4 in the group. 2 from PH, 1 from ID and 1 from Germany.

Locally, we have done all the report and complaints to the authorities, but since this one is an international scam- we need more help.

Hope you guys can cooperate.
Hello @The Punisher ,

I’m from the Philippines. Total principal lost is around $35k , my hard-earned money.

I have reported this to our various local authorities, to FTC,, Interpol, I even reported to SGX (legal entity) since this sgxbul is stealing their identity, logos, and all.

Our local authorities said they will forward it to Chinese Police since that is where the company is registered. But I don’t think Chinese Police will prioritise this kind of case or if they will even bother to investigate on this cybercrime.

Anyway, I have been tracing the movements in the wallets/ addresses used by the scammer using
So stupid of me because I never knew digital currencies before, not until I was scammed

So there are various addresses they are using to fund each and every wallets that they have as if they are mining monies. Each and every second there are incoming transfers. It saddens me because those are most likely from the victims too ☹️

They keep on changing their websites so I can’t access this anymore.

Currently, we are forming a group of those victimized by this International scam. Still trying our best to trace them.

I’ve read so many reviews, too. I don’t know how far they went, or how far will they still go.


I’ve searched how to contact the Chinese authorities too, but I cannot reach their sites.

I don’t know how to go about this anymore.
Let me know what else can I do. I badly want to recover the money I lost. I don’t want to lose hope.

appreciate your response.
thanks in advance


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