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Discuss CoreTradeScalper.com (Was CoreTraderScalper.com)

General discussions of a financial company
Dear CoreScalper Team!

Your EA looks interesting.

But I have some questions, which other Traders might need to know, as well:

1. 399 USD is not cheap for a robot. When you are so convinced about your EA, how about a money back guarantee? I can see, that I can pay with PayPal. Does this mean a 30 day money back guarantee?

2. When I buy your robot, is it bound to one account only? If so:
2a. Can I change my account number later ?
2b. How do you check, that my licence is valid?

3. Your account has a leverage of 1:1000. Is that a must to run your EA successfully?

4. Your win-rate is far below 50% (actual 41% for for Long Trades and 44 for Short ones)
Please explain, how do you still make profit, when you loose more trades than you win?

Yours sincerely
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Dear CoreScalper Team!

I asked before how do you check my licence. I do this, because I had some bad experience lately.

The robot checked the licence online on a database, whenever I lauchned the EA (Sunday night). This worked well the first 2 months.

But than it happened more often that the database was not online. The robot did not work and I lost a lot of money, because the open trades were not controlled by the robot.

Another option. I realized, was that the licence was only once counterchecked and a key was generated to activate the robot. Very good and useful but do not forget to write down the key.

A 3. option is to implement the account number into the robot. The robot can only work on this specific account.

Which option do you use ?

Yours Oks

I was wondering why they use so many different Lots!
0.79 with loss and than 0.78 with loss and than 0.77 looks like Account Management.

But 10.00 lots and 20.00 Lots between the other made me suspicious. I never had a robot which trades so differently and changes the Lots from one trade to the other from 0.77 to 10.00.

This would mean that the robot can see if a trade is risky and sets low Lots or a trade is almost sure and sets high Lots.

I checked several trades on MyFxBook and found out that the the most trades with low Lots run with a magic number 4444.

The trades with 10 and 20 Lots bear no magic number. This is common for manual trades!
I claim that they put manual trades to that account to look this EA is more profitable than it is.

When you bear in mind that they do not refund your money in any case, even they offer PayPal, better stay away. 399 USD is much money for a fake.

I think, too, they offer PayPal to look more seriously. But PayPal will not give you any money back, when they do not agree.

To check my words: go to http://www.myfxbook.com/members/coretraderea/coreea/1391400. Click on "History" and click on a pair in the "symbol" column, e.g. EURUSD. Than a window pops up and shows you the magic number and other information about that trade.

I am sorry about what I found out, because I was just about to buy this EA.
Dear Core EA Team, I hope I am wrong! When I am wrong, please correct me and you will get my deepest apologizes

To proof my words, when they close their MyFxBook account or hide "history"
Core EA 10 Lots with profit.jpg
Core Trader 3.56 with Loss.jpg

To conclude this: It smells like SCAM !!!
Yours Oks
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Right after my last comment (see above) they closed the "History" AND "Discuss" on MyFxBook.
But I did foresee this and made screenshots (see above). Gotcha, scammers.

Now we can not see any trades details anymore and can not discuss this EA on MyFxBook.

When it is not true that you add manual trades to get more attraction for your robot, why did you close this options on MyFxBook ???

It's because I am right: you add manual trades to this account. This is FAKE.
When we buy your robot, we DO NOT GET THIS EXTRA TRADES.

It is very likely that your robot doesn't work at all or makes only loss. And your manual trading covers this b...s...

Very good and profitable for you, that you do not pay money back!


Yours Oks

P.S. to Admin: This was a direct shot into a scammer's head. I hereby apply to be promoted to a Seargent's rank :)
Dear Core Trader Team!

I still want to believe you. I still want to buy your Robot. With this background I checked all your 333 Trades.
I did it as good as I can, since you closed your "History".

I checked out if your Robot is a real scalper or if manual trading covers the losses of your robot.

When I look at the time from opening to close the trade I call it here and now "timeframe".

When I watch the timeframe
from less than a minute to up to 5 mins: 152 Trades made 6051 USD profit = 39.80 USD per Trade
from 6mins to 59mins: 95 Trades made 2424 USD profit = 25.51 USD per Trade
Looking at Trades lasting one hour or longer: 86 Trades made 10666 USD profit = 124.02 per Trade

This means that your non-scalping trades are much more profitable than your scalping trades.
When I look at your very different lots, going up and down, without any sense, I still believe that you open trades manually.

So, let's look closer at the 152 Scalping Trades:

less than a minute up to one minute: 103 Trades with 605 USD profit = 5.87 USD per trade
Timeframe less than a minute up to 2 minutes: 119 trades with 1918 USD = 16.11 per trade
Timeframe less than a minute up to 3 minutes: 130 Trades with 5928 USD = 45.60

The timeframe up to 3 minutes covers also your biggest profits.

To conclude this story: In fact when your robot did scalping, it run multiple trades at the same time. I do not think that a human being can open and close multiple profitable trade within a minute or less.

It has still a bad smell, that most of your profit was made with daytrading, which can easily be done manually.
It has also a bad taste, that you closed "History" and "Discuss" on MyFxBook, after I wrote that you fake us with manual trades.
At least it is not the best way to ignore us here and do not answer or comment.

I hope you will open your doors again for more discussion and transparency.

Yours Oks
Very good job Oksenboel ;) Admin please delete scam vendor CoreTraderScalper.com

Hello Jarora!

It is good to see that I am not alone here. Thank you.

Did you see the 48.30 Lot Trade between all the other small ones around 2-4 Lots? What is this ?
When I look at the beginning of their trades they traded 1 Lot /1000 USD, 2 Lots for 2000 USD.

Than the reached 7-8000 and still using 3-4 Lots.

Now the reached 20.000 and shooting a 48 Lots.

No Robot behaves like this. But the do not reply. No answer here.

Yours Oks
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Many vendors in Myfxbook begins use function a private link to the account. Why do so? It is simple. You view only the results of the accounts but not discuss the account because for a private link will be displayed: The page you're looking for was either removed or does not exist. The vendor wants to hide the truth. Hands off from these vendors!!!

Private link: https://www.myfxbook.com/members/ForexSteroid/forex-steroid/1423461/40bPph1PuSYxkbgj36aH

Delete account: http://www.myfxbook.com/community/trading-systems/coreea/1043090,1#postRow193320

Others vendors with private link on account:
www.forexsteroid.com (Only demo account!!!)

Important advice which you must to remember. Do not believe the demo accounts on www site vendors or only real accounts.
Hello Lazy Traders !

Core Scalper EA deleted the disussion on MyFxBooks.
But I FOUND IT again. I post here two links. One to see the discussion, which is still going on and another to see the account.

To see the discusssion:
(I found this link in MyFxBook Community)

See the account on MyFxBook here:
(This link is from the vendor's website)

Happy Trading in 2016 !!!
Yours Oks