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Discuss CorrelationCode.com

General discussions of a financial company
Im experiencing some problems with Correlationcode (correlationcode.com):

- Not all indicators avaible.
- Some indicators isnt working very well, so it is showing some errors and lagging all computer.
- No support at all. no answers.
- No community, cant talk about the system with anyone.
- All bonuses arent delivered.

Good points:

- nice entry / stop
- good results with actual scalping strategies.
- videos for everything to show you how to do.

Well, I need a response from they about those indicators. Im posting on good forums like this to maybe get a user response.


Correlation Code

I had recently purchased the Correlation Code software and to my dismay the software isnt to the mark or worth its money. The scalping strategies have target of 10 pips and surely has 75-85% success but comes with a Stop over 100 pips. Just think what happens when it goes against you. All your 8-9 trades gain could be wiped out in a single trade. Do you wish to trade that sort of strategy? The Swing strategy is really alien to understand for a seasoned player like me. There is no response to the mails whatsoever. Absolutely no response from them on any count. I do not have their phone numbers either. With this attitude you cant expect any support from them. The best thing is I need to seek refund. But how, there is no response to any of my mails either. God help me.:mad:

Where can i read about correlation in forex trading ?

Product looks good but i would like to read first about correlation basics.

May a stupid question but i am still new to fore, sorry.
What Correlation?

Hi fellow traders,

I red the reviews in both sections and although relatively few in number for now ...the same "old" story emerges again and ... again.
"Foxy" salesman and internet "marketers" are doing well ..flogging Forex "solutions"!!:eek:oh::eek:oh:

BE SCEPTICAL and inquisitive about - people you "don't know"...much about and "new" products that are launched with lots of hype and bla..bla..bla.
The goal is to flog... something..anything .... BS (got it?)

Consider "time" tested products with "real" long history of success.
They exist out there in the "world-wide..web" and regarding.. " currency correlation" there is valuable and FREE info in the internet. Just take time and do your research and you will not be disappointed and ...more importantly.. not out of pocket.:)