Court case against Zoomtrader in Germany


I was scammed by in 2016 (by the bonus trick: A bonus was added to my account without my consent, and when I wanted to withdraw money, I was informed that this would not be possible until I reach an illusionary high trade volume). I had filed a complaint about Zoomtrader with the German police, and (unsurprisingly) nothing happened, I just was informed that the case was dropped. Now however, I received a letter of the Prosecutor at Darmstadt (a city in Hesse, Germany) asking me for further information about my case and whether I know about other victims of Zoomtrader. Darmstadt is in a completely different part of Germany from where I live, thus I presume that they are on a case against Zoomtrader and look out for more witnesses.
If there is any other victim of Zoomtrader around: obviously you should NOT send your real contact details to me. But I can post to you the address of the prosecutor in charge (you can easily verify that it is a genuine postal and email address of the German justice system) and the docket under which to reply. Or if the guys at FPA have a different proposal on how to do it … I am not sure whether it is of use to that prosecutor to have details of victims outside of Germany or even Europe but maybe it is.
Please ask the prosecutor for an official government website where traders can file reports. Then add that information to this thread.
That would be the easiest, clearly. I checked their website ( but there is nothing about this case, so I guess it is rather specific (the prosecutors there are generally in charge of issues geographically related to the area of South Hesse, i.e. south of Frankfurt. I do not live there myself, but they asked me for more information about my case and whether I know about other victims of Zoomtrader, so I presume they require witnesses). I can supply the letter written to me by the prosecutor but must ask to keep it confidential.
Generally, people who are scammed in Germany, or by someone in Germany (as far as they know) should report it to the police. It can be done online at the website of the police force of the relevant country.
Darmstadt_180612_geschwärzt_2.png Here is the letter (I can provide the blacked-out contact information pertinent to that case on request).
Your report of [date] in connection with the online trading platform has become known here. In this, you stated that you know of other persons "who were similarly robbed of their money". Please inform me with full personal details and a summonable address, alternatively with the contact details you know.
Furthermore, I ask, if still available, to send to the file a complete printout of the trading history with the respective trades, prices and times.
Best regards,
prosecuting attorney

Erstattung einer Strafanzeige
"Eine Strafanzeige kann schriftlich oder mündlich, soll aber bei der Staatsanwaltschaft nicht per E-Mail (Elektronischer Rechtsverkehr ), erstattet werden. Die schriftliche Strafanzeige, die an eine Polizeidienststelle oder aber direkt an die zuständige Staatsanwaltschaft gerichtet wird, sollte enthalten…."

Evidently all may file criminal complaints directly by letter to any European Prosecutors’ offices, free of charges, it just needs to be done, for whatever scam brocker, dont matter :p
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here a very fresh regulator warning

With these kind of bucket shops, prosecutors will issue arrest warrants, whatever trading account history, bonuses or T&C IT DON’T MATTER, don’t forget you are to recover all deposits, no settlement deals with criminals