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Discuss CraigHarrisForex.com (Craig Harris, was pro4xmentor.com)

General discussions of a financial company
Craig Harris Mentorship

I have joined Craig's mentor ship and completed his 2 days course. at this stage I will not provide any rating until I have experienced at least 1 to 2 months mentoring. I paid $5,000 special discount if you wire the funds by certain date. He does not offer money back guarantee if you are unhappy with the service. For such a high price tag, I was expecting more. His membership website with limited video and word documents is lacking in contents and professionism. the information provided is not the novice trader, you will need to know the basics of TA and the forex market. after the 2 days (that is 2 x 4 hours ) mentorship and training consist of instant message via Skype with no audio and visual of his charts He is in the chat room for the London session for 3 hours and the London close for 3 hours, This is not what i expecting. You pay this high price just for IM Q& A for 1 year and he does not provide audio and visual during the trading session.
In his recent e-mails that he sent before I joined, he was looking to recruit 50 new student maximum. If you do your maths, that is 50 x $5,000 = $250,000 !!! plus all the prior students that paid him. My concern is if he is receiving all this money why does he invest in software to deliver his message, for example web conferencing during the trading day and records his set-up , in order that the student can review and learn from. If i'm paying top dollar for mentoring I want the best remote training available. I think that is fair. Out of the fees that 50 students have paid Craig, very small % is needed to provide adequate communication system.

like I said I will rating after 1 or 2 months after I have tested his methodology using the Skype IM Q&A session. I will be in the room every working day. I am no novice, I have been trading part time and full time for 6 years+

Update Craig's mentorship

I posted my personal comments and review on FPA to give prospective students on what to expect. As I mentioned in my review ,that I was going to judge the effectiveness of the training when I have experienced using the methodology. (Please read again). It was a comment on the delivery of his training and cost. This is an important part of any training, especially remotely via the internet.

Craig post the below message in his Skype IM in a response to my comments.

As part of Craig's course agreement, private chats are confidential. A message Craig posted to his private chat expressing concern over some reviews at the FPA has been deleted.

You, the prospective student can make your own judgment on Craig’s response I like to point out few misnomers that concern me.
1) Why does he expect all comments on the FPA to be positive and not address constructive criticism?
2) He said (Craig Harris), “Inability to catch on in the first month” . Where in my review that mentioned anything about my ability to catch on? I said and I’ll repeat that I will give some time to judge his training effectiveness to be a successful trader.
3) He then goes on to his method that he post all entries and exit, and answer all questions in the chat room. Was this one of my concerns? No it was not. It seems that he writes what he wants to and avoids my original comments. Why?
4) One of FPA strengths is to have an independent review of the listed service bad or good. Why Craig does feels it’s necessary to instruct his members to write positive reviews. If his service and outcomes is so superior than what is offered elsewhere. He said if you feel the same as the negative comments posted then we should give the one year mentorship a try before one post, then he contradicts himself and urge students with one month experience to post positive reviews. I personal don’t need 1 year to make a personal judgment of his service before I post, bad or good.
5) He mentioned FPA is important recruitment source for new student. Yes, I did follow the positive comments before I joined. If I knew now before I signed up. I would certainly request a trail period before I paid $5,000! Due diligence is the key word here. Also, I would question his motivation to train and mentor so many students. He is making more money mentoring students than trading his own account? The jury is deliberating on this.
6) In the chat room, 90 to 95% of students are demo trading. My concern is that his service, according to the FPA, been around for years, but I’m failing to see consistent winning students trading real money.
7) Also, Have you notice, the positive reviews that followed my originally comments (After Craig urged them to post) only 1 out of 9 positive post addressed my comments. I leave this up to you to judge.
8) He mentioned before that he does not show his charts during live market because he wants his student to think about his personal trade and not to copy from Craig’s trades, and he is not offering a signal service. Well Craig, if I wanted a signal service I can easily google and find many that offer such service. The purpose of being mentor is that your student can imitate and duplicate your skills and eventually trade unaided. IM via Skype, without audio and visual of your charts does not do justice to the high cost of $5000. Technical Analysis is a visual discipline, and especially for the new trader, they would find the learning curve much easier to see his charts in live market. Why don’t you ask your students Craig on what they prefer? His current method of teaching is like learning to dance by IM. Think about this comment. I was expecting at least a daily trade review on his website, but he fails to provide.
Little about the training offered. For an experienced trader the core methodology is easy to grasp. During the two months I have been a student, there is little teaching on the major components of being a successful trader. I.e. Money Management, Trading plan development, discipline and Psychology. Many successful traders these are very important to master. Why doesn’t Craig put more emphasis in his training? Not one of his limited videos addresses these subjects. Why again?

My final review with ratings will be posted before the New Year. This is plenty of time to judge Craig’s teaching method and I hope he will address these issues before then. If he does not address this concern, I for certain will just write off my express I already paid and move on with my trading.
I think Craig should change is cost structure for training and have a monthly subscription instead of the lump sum of $5,000. So you feel after a month it’s not for you personally then you can move on, because not one trading strategy is suitable to all. Like; try before you buy/commit.
Finally, be careful. It’s your hard earn money you spending and could result in more money and crucial time being lost. You must think to yourself, how long it will take to receive a return on your investment and pay back the original cost of training. 1 year, 2 years+ or never?

Bye take care.
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I have to say that there are some bothersome things about this program, but I have to say that it is interesting. A tremendous amount of discussion, with no statements, demonstrations of the system in action nor is there really substantive reviews (except for Tony's above).

It is important to note that when someone has paid a huge amount for a system, there is a certain amount of denial that is natural...before real truth starts to flow. Above, Tony shows a rare amount of guts to really be objective about his initial impressions. He has brought up real issues that should be noted. I am eager to hear someone that will really report if they are making money. I am very bothered by Tony's take on the trading room...demo accounts can be a real red flag...when they should be live.

At least now, one can buy the basic system...everything revealed, indicators and all. It sells for $797.00, still hefty-but Craig actually said that with that program...he gives virtually NO support. Hmmmmm

I was bothered by another point. I e-mailed them before the webinar and asked why so much discussion and so little demonstration or results. Plenty has been said about the system but why not some statements or some live trading-this is not just another $97.00 or $197.00 robot. I received a somewhat surprising response:

Generally, he told me that he has tried that but really noticed "no increase in sales." And referred me to FPA for what I was looking for.

Anyway, I wrote back and said that my interest was not in "sales" and I was familiar with FPA's reviews but did not believe they were substantive...Until I found Tony's.

Indeed, I agree with Tony about ones style. I have probably 2 or 3 systems now that I believe would be profitable, if I could only stand trading them. If a system does not fit your style...it is not going to work. That is why I try to stick to refund only deals.

Anyway, I think it is well to tread wisely.

Have a good day.
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I have been with Craig Harris for 1 month. I paid the full $5K. I have watched 4 of his live training videos, and I have attended 2 of his live training sessions.
IMHO anyone who can't trade profitably under Craig's guidance probably can't trade at all. Yes, his materials aren't super fantastic, but they are comprehensive. He answers ALLL QUESTIONS that are directed to him. The chat room during the London session is filled with a few (~12) active traders along with Craig that call out trades. Anyone with even a small amount of initiative and intelligence can take what Craig teaches and be profitable. I have been profitable on every day except one when I have been in his trading room. And I only trade live. Is the cost high? Yes, it is. But it is significantly better than any other training program out there. Why anyone would expect that for $5K he/she should be treated like an infant is beyond me. Don't expect Craig to hold your hand for every trade. If you want that, go find an ex-bank trader willing to give you his time and secrets for $5K (good luck). Realize that learning a skill requires some effort and initiative on the part of the student, and if you are not willing to put forth these, perhaps trading is not for you.
Craig Harris "Natual Flow of the Market"

I have been trading 3 years + and have thousands invested in education.
I am just a basic member, for now. I have been watching the the videos and the Jan 7-8 live training archive, in a word, awesome.
I am truly impressed with how relevant the indicators and dashboard information is to the market. I will be live training with you in Feb.
I truly believe I now have the useable, understandable tools that I need to make money with the Forex. I don't want to be premature, but I am scheming/ dreaming of how to alter my sleep routine to trade
London session with him, live so we can break my bad habits and really get those pips!!!
I will do the work to learn this system and will post my results in the future.
Craig Harris Basic Membership

I was hoping for more feedback on Craig's progarm. I watched his free videos a few times each and made a fast 50 pips one evening back in November so I purchased the basic package.

I then watched the videos on the website, read the manual, installed the cool custom indicators and I haven't been able to make consistent gains in my demo account. Now I'm noticing I'm starting to resist implementing some of the bad trading habits Craig mentioned in his webinars so I either need the mentorship or maybe I should move on.

Due to time contraints 99% of my trades have not been during the London session and I realize that is a problem too.

Is anyone trading profitably with Craig several days a week and if so, can you tell us more about it?


I just wanted to let everyone know that Craig saw my post and took the time to answer my questions by e-mail. Thanks Craig!
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Let's Be Serious!!

I first off feel pretty bad reading some of these forum comments simply because I have personally spent tons of money and countless hours of time to become a successful trader.

In reading the comments it is very clear that the negative toned comments are from those that want a free meal ticket, or maybe would love to live rent free. You will either spend money on education or spend your money on trial and error. I learned this the hard way doing trial and error trying to take the cheap rout...I.E. click bank products and robots. But as the title says Lets Be Serious, you are not going to find a $50 to $200.00 product that will render you thousands in return, for the simple fact that you are reading this you should know this to be true. So stop making excuses for your short comings, stop looking for the easy way out!

Here's the bottom line, I was not successful until spending over 12 months with Craig Harris, my learning curve took 6 months just erasing bad habits. There is no substitution for face time and while Craig won't let you see his charts, he's there for us 6hrs a day to ask any trading question about any currency pair. Looking at Craigs charts will only increase your dependents on someone taking trades for you. You want to learn to catch your own fish not have someone do it for you.

So ask yourself who else is available not hiding behind over blown marketing courses and courses with 100% money back guarantees? Which is a joke in itself because in most cases it's very difficult to get all of your money back anyway. Craig offers no return policy and is very upfront about this so you must dig deep within yourself and ask what are you doing to change your future?

By the way as far as Craig doing multiple webinars on the same day which I read in this forum, that does not make any sense because Craig is far to busy with us traders in the trade room to basically suggest that he is some sales guy just marketing another forex course to take peoples money, but those types usually are not accessible, so Craig has given me permission to give out his personal business e-mail address in which he replies to within 24hrs Mon-Fri, so to stop all of this chitter chatter back and fourth about a truly valuable course just send Craig an e-mail and ask him any trading question you like directly yourself instead of spewing negativity on this public forum, talk to him yourself and make your own determination. I actually went to see and have lunch with Craig before taking his Complete Membership Course which convinced me that he is the real deal, and I advise those who are thinking about taking his course to do the same, or at least contact him.

Those that are scared to contact Craig Directly, your basically a coward, all of Craigs info is below. Instead of being negative just don't take his course I find it interesting why those that haven't purchased anything would take time to spew negativity. Let's not deprive others of a truly valuable gem in the Forex Trading Community, because THOSE THAT DON'T KNOW....DON'T KNOW!

E-mail Craig here: craig.hrris@gmail.com or check out the reviews on this site from actual people (like myself) that have taken Craig's course here's the link https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/public/review/pro4xmentor.com

Even one better here is Craigs skype ID gotocraig....no need to be cowardly just contact the man himself.

Good Trading To All.

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I took Craig Harris' course over 1 1/2 years ago and have been profitable ever since. Some of the comments I read here sound like they are from traders who probably would have difficulty learning forex from anybody or are not students themselves. Craig has successfully trained 100s of students since I took the course. Most that I know consistently make 40 pips per day or more. I usually double that. You can contact me for added info if you wish. Arthur Beck forexservices@hotmail.com
Craigs system has finally made my trading consistently profitable. I trade in a group with my bro and my dad and we have a great time trading instead of stressing! Id highly recommend Craigs methodologies to anyone interested in truly becoming a profitable trader.