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With all the bad reviews, complaints over the internet and the fakes paid reviews they posted also on Trust Pilot, the only reason why I wanted to get my account verified with this extraordinary disgusting broker was to be able to trade on Psyquation as a Premium to get investors to invest in my trades. The broker have criminal behaviors for requesting more needed documents that they should! Holding people money of what I saw as well! Manipulating trades, Etc. They are breaching the FCA laws big time! I think they don’t understand that under British law, asking for more of what is needed for a KYC is a criminal behavior, and a customer has the right of privacy and the right to protect his vital information! By the way, this broker doesn’t have anything special under the ASIC and FCA or more rules to get verified! This is the same regulation for all brokers!

So, regarding my case, I provided them with a Government ID, a proof of address with a selfie! They told me they could not accept my government ID, which is provided by the Immigration of my country at the cost of around 10k per year. The same ID I used to be verified with other regulated brokers without any issue! This ID card is the only way for any foreigners who wish to live, work, or handle a business legally in the country! I even gave them the phone number th call the Immigration or email to contact them to ask about my right to live in the country and for how many years I have been living in the country! But the useless staff were thirsty to get more ID and personal information of what was needed and told me they could not do that!! For over two months, I asked to speak to a supervisor of the broker because I was really sick to deal with the brainless morons working at the customer service in the live chat and over the phone! I even offered them to make a video call to get myself verified and give a selfie with the date of the day with the name of AxiTrader on it, but this was not good enough for them! I even provided other ID and cards (with essential information hidden) to prove them I was legally the person on the provided Government id of my country of residence, but this was enough for them! Some brokers know that this kind of ID is precious and can be sold for a high price on the black market, and AxiTrader is one of them! I provided a second selfie with even the name of the supervisor Jack, and this was enough! Then they wonder why I was cursing at them after losing my time for two freaking months dealing with untrained and brainless morons!? I even wonder why they are regulated under the ASIC or others because a regulated forex broker should provide evidence that they:

-Are competent to carry out their business operations. Failing big time here!

Have sufficient financial resources.

Comply with nationally set standards for training, insurance, and dispute resolution. I am failing big time here!

I was a victim of identity theft with another broker in the past were I provided more than one ID, and since then, I refuse to give more than one ID to any broker!

Axi Trader decided to refuse my application based on his bad faith when I provided more that needed to be a trader on Psyquation, and then they wonder why I was pissed off cursing at them!

Stay away fro AxiTrader. A criminal broker with the lowest customer service from the brainless untrained staff! Don’t lose your time with them, even for Psyquation. You have a better option over there like Darwinex, one of the best brokers around for copy trading or just trading!!

I am waiting for Jack to tell everyone here what are the unique requirement that Axi trader have under the same FCA and ASIC regulation than others don’t have for a customer to get verified? Why Axi trader need more ID when you already have a proof of address from the Bank with a seal of approval and all information on my card ID like my date of Birth, one picture of my face, my nationality, and the number of the ID!

Every attached document was provided to Axi trader with my hidden vital information. They could see my legal names on them and my date of Birth. Still, this was not enough for them with multiples selfies! They are thirsty for more, and this is against the British Law! I promise I will deal with them personally as well if, after my complaint of FPA they decide to keep going with this nonsense!

Note to Axi trader. I remind you I have no issues to show everything, even the phone call, where I curse your useless staff on Forex Peace Army! You are better to tell the truth about this situation so everyone can see how of a disturbing broker you are!

I plan to meet them at the office once I fly back to London to meet my dear Jack, and this idiot of Jose, who could not professionally handle my verification! I can’t wait to show them how real I am!


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