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Hello Everyone.

I as you, had a problem withdrawing money from crown on september.

I had follow the problem very closely and they are several things that still look really fishy so I wanted to share it with you.

Every week, I log in into the crownforex chat, and ask for information regarding a new account, everytime I do it, I ask the people that is atteding me at the chat to solve a doubt. I tell him that I see bad comments about crown as well as I know that they have been interveined by the banking comission.

They always denied everything. they say there is not a problem with anyone and that all that sits here in FPA its a lie, also there is no banking comission investigation currently in their offices.

I have the following idea, what if, shadi, in fact is simulating a Swiss Banking Comission Intervention, what if the bulletins from the banking comission are a Lie and, the only thing is that shadi does not want are any withdrawals made to some costumers?

What if he is planning to steal this money?

It is not normal that Crown stills receives money, If they have serious issues the first thing an autority will do is to stop new people into a Scam. Also, why they tell they will post information into the crownforex website, if as of today there is no information regarding the Banking Comission Intervention???

how can we be sure that there is in Fact a Banking Comission inside crown and is not another lie of this shadi swaiss??

Just think about it.


Withdrawal Problem

1. 1st April 2009
2. No
3. Yes
4. Yes

The reply from the accountant:

Dear Client,

Thank you for your withdrawal form.

During the FINMA s investigation, no withdrawals of clients’ funds can be executed.

The procedure depends on the next decision of the FINMA that will be taken within a few weeks.

All clients will be informed in the same time

For any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kindest Regards

Accounting Department

Tel: + 41 32 420 7070
Fax: + 41 32 420 7079

Black Knight

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FINMA has already reached a decision (as of February 23rd), and Crown has already filed an appeal to that decision. Now FINMA has until mid-May to answer that appeal, and a final ruling from the courts is expected sometime this summer.


We had problems withdrawing money from Crown Forex:

1. Withdrawal form submitted since Mid. of September

2. Have not filed scam ticket yet

3. Yes would like to be contacted

4. Yes
1. The date I first tried to withdraw money was the 23rd of December,2008.

2. No, I have not filed a Scam Ticket.

3. Yes, I would like to be contacted by an FPA investigator about this issue.

4. Yes.



Normally, the FPA likes for everyone to open a new thread if they have a problem that has reached the point that they want to file a formal Scam Ticket.

Since there are so many complaints within the last month against Crown Forex, I am creating one main thread for withdrawal issue with Crown Forex. This will make life easier on the investigator who has been working with the first few people to file Scam Tickets.

GoldenFX is also trying to put together a mailing list for those who are having these problems.

If you have had difficulties withdrawing money from Crown Forex, please post in this thread and answer these questions.

1. What date did you first try to withdraw money?

2. Have you already filed a Scam Ticket?

3. If you haven't filed a ticket, would you like to be contacted by an FPA investigator about this issue.

4. Would you like your email address to be shared with GoldenFX and the other people who agree to share contact info? Just say yes or no. If you say yes, then the email address on file in your forum registration will be emailed to GoldenFX and you may also be CCed on messages from the FPA to Crown Forex.

1 July 13, 2009 from UBFX

2 NO Scam Ticket.....Recruit Status

3 Yes Please Contact

4 Yes


UBFX victim



1 July 11, 2009 from UBFX

2 NO Scam Ticket.....Recruit Status

3 Yes Please Contact

4 Yes
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