Crude oil falls more than 2% as U.S. offers new round of sanctions but EU is reluctant to cut off Russian oil


ACY Representative
Crude oil futures prices fell more than 2% on Thursday (24th), retreating from more than two-week highs reached yesterday, mainly as global leaders gathered to discuss Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the United States announced new sanctions on Russia, but the European Union Opinions remain divided.

Crude oil rose first and then fell on Thursday. From the daily point of view, the oil price will continue to fall after breaking below 110. Look at the vicinity of 107. From the four-hour line, the Bollinger rails are parallel and fluctuated in a large range of 116-107. MA5 and MA10 are in the middle rail. Below, from the perspective of the shape, it will continue to fall. To summarize the big ideas in the day, look at the large range. Above, look at 113.5, which will rebound first and then oscillate.