Crypto Wealth Fund - Claims from 4% a day to 17% weekly

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This is a series of investigation about companies that are following the same investment pattern, such as lack of regulations, offering +10% ROI per week/life, offering 5 to 10% commission upon new referrals and subsequent new deposits or re-deposits and dealing with brokers which the funding methods and withdrawals are made via e-wallets or processors called payeer, perfect money (PM), bitcoin and so on. Also, investors are encouraged to show proof of payment over the social medias, more details will be followed on each individual thread as history unfolds, stay tuned.

This is the website: is a Dubai based mining and forex trading company which has an application for mining in different currencies, forex trading, stock option and high yield investment sites.

Designed to minimize the risk for the investors and yield as much profit as we can for our respected investors on daily and monthly basis, requires no configuration at any device.

The power allotment can be managed from anywhere and can be distributed among various cryptocurrencies. And you don't need to be a licensed investor to start investing with us.

We are mining and trading in different portfolios since 2013, And our mining centers were live even before Ethereum ! And since the bitcoin mining is becoming more and more difficult along with the rise in its value we are making sure to bring in the latest technology to provide the best investment opportunities

No regulations whatsoever, you can browse through the website and see the full description

Started date: DEC, 07TH, 2016
Total Deposits $1.207.546,20 Million
Currently members in the FB group: 8K members

First of all, to be operating in Dubai, it must be regulated by the local authorities, which it doesn't seem the case.

See how this investor is pushing the ones.

Another HYIP for possible big scam on the way? We shall see.


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Here is a description of how the high returns are possible. Full description in here:


Trust me I myself have made more than hundreds of thousands of $$ when it comes to forex trading, binary options and especially bitcoin mining.

There are so many ways that you can earn money online, some people make 4 figures and then stuck there, some make 5 to 6 figures easily over and over again and the art of selling and recruiting comes easily to them. So they just recruit and sell and make money in commissions, in affiliate marketing and network marketing.

There is E-commerce which is blowing up nowadays and people are making crazy money in there but to make money in there you got to have some sort of knowledge and months of tried and tested formula that is going to work but it may not work for everyone.

Then comes making money in Forex trading and binary option and even bitcoin trading but then again making money on these platforms require a lot of knowledge and experience and some experiments and you have to have a good capital to be able to make a good chunk of money in Trading.

But what about the people who don't know how to recruit,sell,trade,do networking,be a leader, read books and educate themselves,try different business and see what work for them, They just don't have time for all of this bull****. They want free time with family and friends and so they can enjoy the good things in life and not having to work for money but let the money work for them. There is a large population of people like this out there where they want to leverage other people's knowledge and experimentation and then make money out of it with small to the large investment of their money.

That's where Opportunities like OURS comes in we put to gather a system where you don't have to start your Own business or learn about selling and recruiting to make money but let the money work for you, People are already making money in FOREX,BINARY OPTIONS, and CRYPTO-MININING.

So we thought why not come up with a system where people can make a small investment of as little as $10 and get their daily return on investment by leveraging all those powerful money making platforms with our expertise and system in place where people don't have to spend so much time learning about recruiting,selling,e-commerce,being a leader bull**** to make money online and let the money work for them.

WHY THE HYIP SCRIPT ? : HYIP scripts are the best way you can deposit investments and then give the daily return back to the investors instantly on daily basis and keep all the records of investors in one place. It helps a lot with automation and some other stuff when it comes to projects like this, That's the reason we went with an HYIP script.

I hope this clears up a lot of THINGS on who we are and why we are doing this and why we are little different than others who are offering these crazy high returns. We have the system in place to back up these high returns we are offering.

Thank You.

If someone is making this extremely high amount of profits for himself, why would he create an investment like this, if he can only keep trading for himself and become extremely rich? The math doesn't match here and it has all the signs of another Ponzi Scheme.


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Let me think. If I put in $1 and let it compound at 10% per week, in a year I'll be somewhere around $129. Wow! Think I'll take out a 2nd mortgage on my house. Then I can retire in a couple years and can own the whole world a few years after that.
Hi folks, I'll leave you with some examples from FINRA and SEC regulatory bodies where investors were scammed from social media investments and what you as an investor need to be aware of before putting a dime on those HYIPS, remember, everything that I or another member told here is what the authorities are telling as well, so don't think that we're jealous or we don't want you (the investor) to make money online from the comfort of your home as a passive income, but there are proper ways to do that, definitely not from unregulated and HYIP investments.

Spare some time reading those articles and think for a second, does it worth investing on those HYIPS, knowing that almost on all of them, your hard earned money is not safe and you can get scammed at any time?

The list is endless, so keep reading and most important, report the scammers and the suspicious investments to those regulatory bodies, such as SEC, FINRA and NAASA, the respective links are on the first link.
Hum, Tom Kent is in the group, I don't know if it's the same guy, but the name Tom Kent is knows as one of the biggest scammers over the internet.


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Someone in the group is asking about regulations and no one wants to answer, this is a big red warning for me, the group has over 11K members in 2 months, there is enough new members and fresh deposits to sustain such huge promised returns on a daily basis to pay old members by now, but without any proof of trading, this can be one of the biggest scams of 2017 once the scammers behind the investment are happy with what they took from investors or once the investment starts to give signs that it's getting unsustainable, they will run away as previous investments and then, investors will start to complain about it, then it will be too late.


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Ahmad Sheikh is the trader behind the investment and apparently lives in Dubai, where the company is supposed to be. Since he is not willing to share the physical address and regulations, as some investors are asking for, perhaps we should let authorities know about CWF in Dubai to find out if this company is a legit or not.

So it looks like people can't complain about the investment, they just want to see happy investors, who don't questioning the authenticity of the investment and just keeping re-investing.


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This is the Investment and Asset Management form. It says the clients funds are held in individual accounts with ECOBANK, which has a representative office in Dubai. Does anyone heard about it? It's an African bank, but the only funding methods are via e-wallets, so how come the clients have individual accounts if the payment methods are exactly the same as other scam investments out there? I can't prove, but I'd like to see a prove that the clients funds are actually being held on individual accounts, instead of a pool account/direct into the traders account.


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Wow, one investor called Pips Hunter Forex, which probably is following this thread posted the link for this thread and it was prompt banned, this shows how CWF wants to keep anything or anybody who asks too much out of the way, so only happy investors will keep posting, until the day that everything collapses and they run away with peoples money, just like the other too good to be true investments.

Last update: 11K members and over $1.7M raised, but I think the raised capital is much more than that.
Or else it's far less and some of the people bragging about big deposits and big profits are shills.